How did you get into Soul Asylum?

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Re: How did you get into Soul Asylum?

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Sometime in the 90's karlwerneth (above) kept offering to loan me cd's, telling me how great they were and how I would love them etc etc...

When music is pushed onto me I get kind of reluctant I guess, so I didn't give them much of chance at first. It wasn't until I started listening to them on my own that I made that 'personal' connection...and then they became 'my band'...

And years I am!

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Re: How did you get into Soul Asylum?

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This was cool reading everyone's stories. I can still remember to this day...I think it was early Fall, 1993, I had just got off the elevator in my dorm at ISU....while walking into our room, my roomate had MTV on, and Black Gold came on as a 'buzz band' or something like that (when they used to play videos). I dug it instantly. Went back out and got the CD. The opening riff of STS is one of my all time favories FROM ANY BAND.

Now that I am reflecting a bit, another cool memory I have is getting The Silver Lining the day it came out-and then seeing SA that Saturday at a fest in Vernon Hills, IL. I think I played the disc at least 50 times before Saturday and knew all the new stuff. What's even cooler is that we got there early right as the band was finishing soundcheck. So, my wife's on the phone and I got out of the car (in the parking lot of the hotel we were staying in, which the band was too) and stopped Dave and talked to him for gosh, 15-20 minutes. He even told me about some jazz guys he used to go and see and then have the guys sign his albums. He asked me if I liked the bone-us track on the disc.

Oh man, here's another one. Kinda sad, since the great bassist KM has since left us. I saw them in Naperville, IL, years ago, at one of their fests and after the show, Dave/Dan came over to the tent to sign stuff, etc. I wanted to say hey to Karl. He came out of the trailer (which is in the back) and put his backpack on and left-going behind the stage to where the white van was waiting. I don't think he planned on mingling at all, and to each his own. So, me being me, I ran parallel to him-the front of the stage area-called him over to sign just one, and he said sure. Which booklet? Grave Dancer's Union, of course. Now, if I could ever meet Grant Young, that sucker will be framed and on my wall!!!!!

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Re: How did you get into Soul Asylum?

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mrsromek wrote: So, my wife's on the phone
I thought you were mrsromek...
Surprise, surprise...

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