Favorite Unreleased SA Song

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Hey Monolith Maniac!

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The only songs I do not have on your list is 'Hallowed Ground' and 'True Believer'. Is there anyway I can get these from you?

It would be greatly appreciated!

Please let me know. Thanks!


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Yaz McBoo wrote:Missing from my collection but known to exist somewhere:
Various Official Releases:
Baby Baby
Here it is...

http://www.amazon.com/Baby/dp/B000XPVO6 ... 08&sr=8-16

and another i don't think anybody mentioned...I Did My Best (acoustic) from The Mississippi River of Song: A Musical Journey Down The Mississippi

http://www.amazon.com/I-Did-My-Best/dp/ ... 77&sr=8-26
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Out of the ones I've heard (and I'm blown away by how much "new" stuff there is out there which is why this site is so cool), Wandering Eyes was awesome ("Lately, I've had a superstition. that I was on a secret mission...") that I heard from a Madison Dan-Dave acoustic show bootleg and One-Way Conversation for me ranks right up there with anything else they've done, and I got that from the proverbial mix-tape. Before it was on the live Grand Forks album, I liked "Losin' It" a lot, too.
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favorite unrealesed SA songs

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I was wondering if u can share those records with me. I have some of that songs but there a bunch I dunt have..


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Post by blueharvest »

Dont forget "cocktails" from the really old days. It actuall sounds almost the same as "Masquerade" from "say what you will". Love it!
Oh! and also "Propaganda"!


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Post by dells »

Hmmm, it's Difficult, to "next-to-impossible" to narrow it down to just 1 favorite, with all the awesome Non-album Soul Asylum tracks out there.

Therefore, I'm going to pick 1 favorite from the "B-sides/rarities" tracks, and 1 favorite from the "recorded in a studio, but as yet unreleased" tracks.

1) Gone Forgotten gets my vote for favorite B-side/rarity. It's flat-out fun, with it's jingle-jangle, bouncy melody, and I'd absolutely love to see Dave have a ball doing this one live.

2) Among the completely unreleased studio tracks, it's really hard to chose between Never Felt Before and Freak Accident, and they both should have made it onto TSL. Very disappointed that they didn't.
Now that I've made it clear that I love Freak Accident very much, if I had to chose between them, I'd select the originally recorded Soul Asylum version of Never Felt Before as my favorite unreleased track because it's haunting beauty can keep me mesmerised for a very long time, just listening to it over and over on repeat, with my eyes closed, absorbing it and envisioning what the video could have been like. Very powerful song that Dave's voice and delivery wrang every ounce of emotion from.

I know Never Felt Before ended up on the Golden Smog CD, so it has seen the light of day in some way, but I don't like the Smog version very much. Only the Soul Asylum version has that powerful mesmerising effect on me.

I haven't seen the writing credit for it, but since it ended up on the Smog CD, I guess that means it was a Danny song?

I'm sure he had his own valid reasons for doing it, but even so, I may never forgive Danny for taking that song away from Soul Asylum and giving it to Golden Smog instead, especially since he'd already recorded it as a Soul Asylum song and presented it as such on a radio spot while discussing the recording for the then-upcoming Silver Lining CD. I might forgive him if a Soul Asylum "cover" of it eventually appears as an extra track on a future Soul Asylum single, EP or some type of CD release. Sorry if I seem harsh, but I've always loved all the Soul Asylum songs written by Danny, and looked forward to seeing more of them, then he presented eager radio listeners with this beautiful new Soul Asylum track, only to take it away from us later.

Sorry, this wasn't really the place for my rant about it not being on TSL, but once the vault of my feelings for this song opened, I had to share what it meant to me, and the disappointment I felt at it's exclusion from TSL.


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No apology needed for me! You just gave me some homework to do...so many of these I've never heard and am now quite curious about! I think that is what a forum should do...inform and inspire!


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dells wrote:
1) Gone Forgotten gets my vote for favorite B-side/rarity. It's flat-out fun, with it's jingle-jangle, bouncy melody, and I'd absolutely love to see Dave have a ball doing this one live.
Agreed! I thought I was the only person who loves that song.


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Re: Favorite Unreleased SA Song

Post by jasonC »

Has no one mentioned The Break from the So I Married An Axe Murderer soundtrack?

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Re: Favorite Unreleased SA Song

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jasonC wrote:Has no one mentioned The Break from the So I Married An Axe Murderer soundtrack?
The Break was also released on one (of the many) the singles for Black Gold, so it was technically released. A good song in my opinion, but doesn't come close to my favorite of the rarities.
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