Kinda longish, but funny material Dave could use onstage

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Kinda longish, but funny material Dave could use onstage

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for his between song bantering.

I totally swiped this from one of my Facebook peeps' who asked ppl to post jokes as comments.:

The world's richest man, the world's smartest man, the world's oldest man, the pilot and 10 year old boy were on a plane. The pilot came to the back and said to the four "I have good news and bad news and worse news. The bad news is the plane is crashing, the good news is there are four parachutes, the worse news is that I'm taking one." Right after the pilot jumped off with a parachute, the world's richest man said "I am the worlds richest man so I deserve to leave", then he grabbed a parachute and jumped off. Then the world's smartest man grabbed a parachute from the little boy and gave a short speech about how the world needed him and then jumped off. Then the old man told the boy to take the last parachute but the boy said "It's O.K., there are still two parachutes, the world's smartest man jumped off with my backpack."

Yeah, it is kinda long for a joke, but I'm all for Dave spending more time bantering between songs, and with as much energy as he expends every show, I think he could use the rest time telling this long joke could provide for him.

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Re: Kinda longish, but funny material Dave could use onstage

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LMFAO, that is funny xD
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