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Ok, Im a HUGE SA fan but have never seen them in concert. I got into them during the Grave Dancers' Union album/tour. Funny thing...I grew up sine then. Music is m y biggest passion in life and I have gone through numerous formations throughout life. As a kid (6 or 7yo) I listened to whatever shit they put on the radio. I was a fan of the hair bands (SA, Motley Crue, Ratt Skid Row, Poison, Cinderella, etc).Then I became a huge Van Halen fan (when Dave was still in...but I liked VH with Sammy better). I went through a heavy metal phaze early on in high school(Metallica, MEgadeth, Ozzy), then I went through a Jimmy Buffett phaze. Always loved Buffetts' music and lifestyle and basically adopted his style of living. If you havent been, you NEED to see him live. Get to the lot at 10am and enjoy the day. Like they said in 'Knocked Up'..."If you want a special experience, go to a Jimmy Buffett concert!"
Now...well now im basically a hippie and love ALL music. The jamband scene pretty much incorporates all genres of music into one...rock, funk, jazz, bluegrass, electronica, dub-step, etc...all in to one.

I still LOVE Soul Asylum. About 2 months ago I did a Soul Asylum week at the gym...all I lsitened to. SO today on JamBase it was announced that Soul Asylum will be playing here in my hometown on March.


Thank you Soul Asylum for gettting me through my teen years alive. I could not have done it without your infectuous tunes

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Re: PSyched

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wow thanks for the show update!!
is this what you mean? i found it on like you mentioned:

03/16/12 Culture Room Fort Lauderdale, FL Buy Tickets

not near me but hopefully that means more shows will be booked soon!!!!!!!


p.s. welcome to the board!

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Re: PSyched

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I was a fan of the hair bands
– sorry to hear that.

(SA) Soul Asylum ??—not a hair band.

Post a review.

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Re: PSyched

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awesome news - thanks for posting!
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