Welcome to the Say What You Will Forum!

Discuss any aspect of Soul Asylum, their music, and the band's members.
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Welcome to the Say What You Will Forum!

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Dear Visitor/Member,

Welcome to the Say What You Will forum here at EnterTheSoulAsylum.com. For those of you just joining us, feel free to take a look around and browse the many Soul Asylum topics that have been going on at this site since its inception in 2007. If you like what you see, and would like to contribute please don't hesitate to register. :D

Feel free to discuss anything you wish; whether it be about Soul Asylum, other bands, or what you are currently doing while in quarantine. Just find a forum category that best suits your topic you want to start discussing and post away.

For those of you who were members here eons ago.... don't worry, you still are; welcome back! Your login information has all been retained. As you may have noticed though, the layout has changed a little bit. The theme (layout/design) that was used for the original forum is now obsolete and isn't compatible with this now up-to-date version of the forum (which will help with the spam and other issues the forum was having).

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the forum as well as the rest of the site! :D

Jim Metz - Webmaster of EnterTheSoulAsylum.com

Although everybody should be able to log in and view/post freely, I am still trying to work out a few coding issues here and there....
- Currently to access the navigation header, you will have to go back to the home page (navigation works elsewhere throughout the site just fine).
If you run into any other errors or glitches, please let me know in this forum.

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Re: Welcome to the Say What You Will Forum!

Post by zany »

It’s back!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Welcome to the Say What You Will Forum!

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Thanks so much!

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Re: Welcome to the Say What You Will Forum!

Post by Yaz McBoo »

Whew. This is a breath of fresh air. So much better than facebook. I may have some backlogged setlists/concert reviews to post.

Thanks, Jim!


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Re: Welcome to the Say What You Will Forum!

Post by mystic_spiral_3 »

Hello all!

Sarah :)

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