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Re: Delayed Reaction Forum User Reviews

Post by matchooh »

I absolutely love the album. I think it truly is epic. There honestly, is not one track I don't care for. Gravity, Into The Light, and I Should've Stayed In Bed are probably my favorite songs on the album, but again, the whole thing is a fantastic listen from start to finish.

I also really dig Cruel Intentions. I think it would have better suited for Dave's solo album, really has that vibe to it, but hey I'm happy to have new SA music in any form, so not a complaint.

The bonus tracks are pretty decent as well. I mentioned in another thread that I can't listen to the 'Good Morning' cover from the CD - all this snap crackle popping going on in it. Awful. But I downloaded the same track from itunes from that Beatles comp and it's fine. Just swapped the files out. Good to go.

Great album guys. Can't wait for the next one! How about max 3 years between this and the next, yeah? ;)

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Re: Delayed Reaction Forum User Reviews

Post by Closer »

I'm surprised to read so many positive reviews because I've been less positive so far. I'll be getting my original copy next week, but I've had the leak for several weeks now but only listened to it maybe four or five times. The only song that really gave me that SA feeling has been Into The Light. Not that I dislike anything, it just sounded a bit average here and there... plus thirty minutes of music isn't a lot... especially not if you already have a lot of the songs.

By The Way, always has been one of my favourite songs by them, and this new studio version sounds so much better than the demo version obviously, yet I still think I prefer that one... I've just grown accustomed to that one... I miss that solo at the end of the song everytime I listen to the album version... it sounds so simple yet perfect on the demo. They took away the simplicity of the song and that suited it well, in my opinion. But maybe that's my problem... I've been listening to the song the way it was for almost twenty years.

I Should Have Stayed in Bed, another one of my all time favourites... but this album version is pretty much the same... the only difference is that the live one sounds so much more raw, which fits that song so good... you can't make it sound like that on a studio recording. Great song on the record for the ones who didn't know this song, though. Same goes for By The Way.

The only thing that I liked much more now is Cruel Intentions... maybe because the live vesion sounded so crappy so that it stands out more now.

And well the rest... not really a bad song on it but nothing really stands out either (except for Into The Light)... maybe it has to grow, and the fact that I've been listening to it in MP3 quality, I hope so... because I waited very, very, very very long for this and it would be the first time these guys wouldn't make me go YYYEEAAAHHH with their music.

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Re: Delayed Reaction Forum User Reviews

Post by sticksman79 »

Here's my take on the new album.

1. Gravity - old school but fresh, classic SA.

2. Into the Light - A grower, not a classic though.

3. The Streets - Reminds me of Hang Time era, love the energy and lyrics

4. By the Way - Pointless in my mind. They should have put on 'Freak Accident' instead.

5. Cruel Intentions - Doesn't fit the album. Would have been a good b-side.Nice piano though.

6. Pipe Dream - A filler track really

7. LAKE - It's been released (sorta) once. Best left there. Why not put 'Be On My Side' in it's place for instance?

8. The Juice - A good rocker, earns it's place.

9. Take Manhattan - Back on track. Good lyrics and more classic Dave.

10. ISHSIB - Again, if they are going to mine the back catalogue, stick 'Die in Your Arms' on this album, which is one of the best tracks they have ever done.

Bonus Tracks:

1. Leave this Town - Solid. Tommy Stinson's bass really shines here

2. Time Will Tell - Little lightweight, but pleasant enough

3. Your Generation - A fun cover.

4. Good Morning - Different from the Minnesota Beatles project. The production is either a mistake on the CD or a terrible drum production choice.


They should really pump out some more b-sides to back this album up or record another album soon. I would say half of this album is rocking and classic SA. The rest is pretty bland (no pun intended) or a little lazy e.g. By the Way, LAKE and ISHSIB.

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Re: Delayed Reaction Forum User Reviews

Post by TravisSaves »

I can remember exactly where in my life I was when each Soul Asylum album came out. In terms of the recent albums, I remember the Easter Bunny buying me Grave Dancer's Union (how awesome is that!), I was in High School when Candy From A Stranger came out, I met the love of my life when The Silver Lining came out, and I'm now married to the love of my life when I bought Delayed Reaction on Tuesday. To say I was COMPLETELY excited for this album would still be an understatement.

Here's my current feelings: First off, am I the only one who loves "The Juice"? I seriously cannot get enough of it. It may be their catchiest song, next to "Keep It Up", and the chorus has been in my head since Tuesday.

Overall, I LOVE every single song except "Pipe Dream" (I like it but don't love it just yet) and "Take Manhattan" (I'm honestly liking this song the least on the album and have been skipping over it the last few spins).

Not many bands put out great material 30 years into their careers, but Soul Asylum do. Great job, guys, and I hope you're making music forever and ever! Thank you so very much for making incredible music for me to listen to through different stages of my life!

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Re: Delayed Reaction Forum User Reviews

Post by praukar »

overall I really dig the new album, though there are a couple of tracks that i do not care for (the two soul asylum covers "bed" and "by the way"

Favorite track by far is the streets, already one of my favorite SA songs of all time. Second favorite (and not a popular choice on this site) is lets all kill each other.....its upbeat, fun, and catchy sarcasm, what is not to love??

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Re: Delayed Reaction Forum User Reviews

Post by Sometime to Return »

TravisSaves I the only one who loves "The Juice"? ...
No... love this song; probably my favorite moment last night in the entry.

I am pleasantly surprised on how much I am enjoying this CD; very solid from top to bottom, just a few clunkers. And, the clunkers aren't CFAS type clunkers. :shock:

Of the first 3 new songs that they have played in concert before the release of the cd ( gravity, into the light, the strets); my favorite was into the light. That hasn't changed.

Into the light, the "re-vamped" By the Way and the juice ** oustanding and favorites right now.
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Re: Delayed Reaction Forum User Reviews

Post by zany »

1. Gravity - fun and i like it but haven't really gotten emotionally attached to it yet
2. Into the Light - LOVE IT! stuck in my head!
3. The Streets - LOVE the verses but feel like the chorus is just 'ok'. maybe over years of playing it live they'll slightly tweak one note somehow and i'll love it as a whole(?! just a thought!)
4. By the Way - never heard the old version. it didn't stick with me right away but today it was the last song i heard before getting out of the car and i was singing it all day (out loud) as i was walking around. i now like it a LOT.
5. Cruel Intentions - i like it on its own. but i'm not always in the mood for it.
6. Pipe Dream - slowly growing on me. don't dislike it and i'm sure eventually i'll love it , knowing me.
7. Lets all kill eachother. still not sure what i think of this one. sometimes i skip it. sometimes i find myself singing along.
8. The Juice - LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! listened to this one the most. so fun to sing along with. and love the name.
9. Take Manhattan - LOVE this one too. fun to sing with and like that it's a story but not some obscure overly complicated story.
10. stayed in bed - not always in the mood for this one. i HAVE listened to the old version, and like the song on its own. it's spot on this album is growing on me though.

Bonus Tracks:

1. Leave this Town - haven't listened to this enough. not liking the jump between should have stayed in bed to this harsh one. like to skip over it to get to :
2. Time Will Tell - REALLY LIKE IT. reminds me of the feel of The Juice in a way.

3. Your Generation - haven't listened to it as much. also keep wondering which generation he doesn't care about... the one older or younger...??? i guess 'tryign to forget' means it's the older one, but 'we' are getting old enough that it could go either way... depressing.

4. Good Morning Good Morning: i like the song on its own, ok. the crackling didn't bother me until today in the car when it came on my husband suddenly leaned his ear forward with a very concerned look on his face. ... he thought my car was making really bad sounds. told him it's just the song.

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Re: Delayed Reaction Forum User Reviews

Post by Homesick »

Now that I have listened to the album a few more times, I have to say that to me there aren't any really addictive standout tracks on Delayed Reaction. By this time after listening to The Silver Lining, I was already completely hooked on Lately, Whatcha Need, and Standing Water. Although Into the Light comes close, I haven't yet found any tracks like that on this record.

That being said, I would say the same thing about Let Your Dim Light Shine, and that doesn't stop me from enjoying it. (In fact, I think LYDLS considered in its entirety is their best record.) At this point in time, I'm loving the sound of Into the Light, Pipe Dream, and The Juice especially. Like a lot of people, I'm still conflicted about Let's All Kill Each Other—which may well have been Dave's intention when he put it right in the middle of the record. ;)
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Re: Delayed Reaction Forum User Reviews

Post by sticksman79 »

In light of what happened in Aurora, CO on friday, 'Let's all Kill each other' is un-listenable to me now.

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Re: Delayed Reaction Forum User Reviews

Post by foureyedsometimes »

I don't post here much, but I do check in from time to time.....

1. This album is the best one since Horse. Easily.
2. There's not a bad track.
3. The cover is shit
4. The vinyl (although brilliant to have it as it should be heard) is shoddily packaged - no DL code, no lyrics, inner sleeve or anything.
What's the CD packaging like?

Great to have them back, great to hear such a great record - so much better than Silver Lining.

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