ooh, new interview with Dave

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Re: ooh, new interview with Dave

Post by PAULY »

real nice post of this interview liking it alot Dave doesnt seem in the best of moods or in his high spirits in this one and goes a little deeper in subjects then he usally wuld. liking how hes still in the oldschool with putting out records and giving us the full package ... so i say Dave cheer up no regrets you touched and changed alot of people lifes with what you do and your music and i say thank you

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Re: ooh, new interview with Dave


that was a great interview.i liked his comment on the (band)one direction calling them no direction.and Dave going to a trade school to be a welder.im sure he would be good at something else but his music means so much to people even if its not as many as it should be.

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Re: ooh, new interview with Dave

Post by mystic_spiral_3 »

I don't know if that was meant to be a comment on One Direction or if he didn't know the group's correct name. Regardless, it gave me a laugh.

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Re: ooh, new interview with Dave

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I re-read the Request article the other day & I still like that one. Read it before I ever saw them live for the first time. Just kind of fell into my hands free somewhere.
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Re: ooh, new interview with Dave

Post by Dave4Prez »

I LOVE Dave. LOVE him. But I thought this interview was unflattering as well. He seemed a little bitter about how technology has evolved the music business and he clearly resents it. I do agree with him in some respects but I didn't like seeing him so crabby.

BTW - did anyone notice that he was falling all over himself to give Michael kudos? Well deserved, yes, but perhaps some foreshadowing given their current state of affairs?

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Re: ooh, new interview with Dave

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Great interview! And Danny on the drums!! I laughed through most of it. Yes Dave, you could have been a comedian too, no wait you are. Should have stayed in school? It is not too late. Better yet, maybe you could teach song writing 101 and 460.

Arrgh.. it's driving me nuts! I believe it is a challenge to retain your integrity to the music and your craft. Saw Waterfalls too! I love Dolly Parton too!

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