A message from Dan Murphy

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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

Post by LuckyLittleGirl »

Can I have your ticket Alyssa? When and where is the show? Do I need to get on my horse right now? I will still be going to any show I can!

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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

Post by 99percent »

Thank you Dan for all the years of great music and amazing live shows. I took my wife to her first Soul Asylum show this year. We met Dan after the show and he was so kind, we really enjoyed talking with him. Soul Asylum won't be the same without him.

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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

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LuckyLittleGirl wrote:Can I have your ticket Alyssa? When and where is the show? Do I need to get on my horse right now? I will still be going to any show I can!
As much as I don't mind going slightly off topic in other threads, but considering the importance of the subject of this one I'd especially like to keep this thread totally on topic of the original message. If you would like to continue the conversation please post it in the respectable show's topic or send a private message.

This applies to everyone as well (I'm not singling you out); please post all other semi off-topic things in a new or existing thread.

Thanks. ;)
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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

Post by Miss Fitt 2 »

My sadness at this news is only eclipsed by my gratitude – for the music, the joy, and the many memorable moments that Soul Asylum has brought to my life.

I still remember the excitement of falling in love with Soul Asylum in 1986, when “Tied to the Tracks” hit me with the force of a runaway train. And I recall the joy of re-discovery 20 years later when I saw them at the Paradise in Boston as part of the Silver Lining tour.

I made up my mind then and there that I wanted to experience that sense of exhilaration as often as possible. And Karl’s death, Soul Asylum’s long hiatus, and the breakup of other favorite bands had taught me how ephemeral it all is. I knew it could end at any time and I wanted no regrets.

So for more than six years, I’ve travelled to see the band as often as possible – sometimes with friends, sometimes to meet friends there, and sometimes alone.

I don’t regret any of the money I spent on airfare or hotels because I got a better return on investment than I ever got from the stock market -- i.e., the pure bliss of seeing one of the best live bands that has ever graced this planet. At my 50th show, I was dancing, singing along, and whirling my hair around just as enthusiastically as I was at my first.

I’ve had the good fortune to chat with Dan on several occasions and he has always been absolutely delightful. In fact, one of my memorable moments occurred relatively early in my serial-concert-going, when he caught sight of me, recognized me from the last few shows, was clearly surprised that I turned up in a distant location, and broke into a big smile. He was laughing a little bit with me, a little bit at me for being so obsessive, but it was a joyful moment.

It’s truly the end of an era. I’ll miss his playing, his smile, and those occasional conversations.

Dan, thank you for everything. You have no idea how you’ve touched and enhanced my life over the past three decades. I wish you happiness and peace.

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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

Post by Closer »

This is weird. I guess it's kinda the end of the band now. I just can't imagine a Soul Asylum without Daniel Murphy. And I can't imagine that Soul Asylum would ever be one of those bands with only one original member. Doesn't mean I won't enjoy new music if that will ever happen. I think Chinese Democracy is a great album, I just don't agree with the bandname on the cover. It's not Guns N' Roses without the old guys. And it's not Soul Asylum without Daniel Murphy.

For me it felt like the end of the band for a few years now, in a way. I've just been disappointed a few times too many... Last year I was going to see them live in Brussels for the first time since being a fan in 1993, then at the last moment they cancelled without a real reason. Then the whole bullshit with constantly giving another release time for the album for years on end... and then finally an album that didn't really do it for me. It's not that I dislike Delayed Reaction, but it doesn't even come close to what they've done before. Especially all those old songs on it didn't help.

And now this. I can't help but wonder why this happens right after they release another album. Maybe because Michael seems to be Dave's new go-to-guy while before it was always Dan, or Dan doesn't want this to be a fulltime thing for him anymore, with his own business and so on, while the other guys perhaps do and want to go out and play more shows. Or maybe none of that, not that it really matters. I've read interviews with Dave where he says that the other guys have other stuff going on beside the band and he only has Soul Asylum, so I can't even blame him for continuing, but I don't know... This definitely is the end of something. So long, Dan.

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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

Post by AlyssaJones »

I figure I should post something more than "this sucks", but I'm not sure where to begin...

To say that Soul Asylum has changed my life is an understatement. Without them, I never would have met my wonderful boyfriend Jim, and all the amazing out-of-state trips to their concerts would have never happened. The memories I have of them now are truly some of the happiest times of my life. I could go on for pages about the impact they've had on me, but that seems unnecessary as I think it's something universally understood by all you fellow fans.

It just makes me really, really sad that seeing Dave and Dan up on stage is something that we'll never experience again. I love them as individuals so it goes without saying that I respect Dan and wish him the best. And I really want to support Dave in whatever he does, but going to see "Soul Asylum" without Dan Murphy just ain't right. Sure, if they came to Pittsburgh, I'd go see 'em, but I can't see myself traveling all over the place just to see Dave and Michael doing their thing. I just hope the future of the band holds something good for all of us, and above all, I sincerely hope that they're all happy. I don't want to never see them again. They've meant way too much to me to let this be the end of our fan~performer relationship.

I've seen them eight times in five different states, and each performance has been absolutely spectacular. For that, I am forever grateful. I know there are many people who have never gotten the chance even once, so I honestly can't complain.

Even though this is pretty much the end of the band as we know it, I'm at least happy that Dan has left on a good note, and not some knock-down drag-out feud with Dave. No matter what the future holds, it'll never take away the past. I still love them and their music, Minneapolis is still my "home", and I have some of the greatest memories any fan of any band could ever hope for.

Dan, if you read this, I just want to thank you for everything. I don't think anyone can fully put to words the impact you have had on the world as a member of Soul Asylum. You've changed lives, changed the world, and all of us fans are better for it.

I'll never forget the most important thing I learned from you and Dave, and that is to never, ever give up.

I wish Dan all the best, and I'm so sad that his time in the band is over. But I suppose they're kinda like the Replacements... The 'mats may have stopped touring and making music, but as long as they live they're still the Replacements. Always have been, always will, regardless of what they're doing with their lives. Dan is still part of Soul Asylum, even if he's not on the road.

Dave and Dan, I love you both to death as individuals and as a duo. I don't know when, but I'll see you when I see you. Thanks again for everything.

May the future hold happy and exciting prospects for all.

*cue "We'll Meet Again" by Vera Lynn*
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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

Post by Homesick »

Thank you for the music, Dan, and good luck with everything else that you decide to do in the future!
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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

Post by CULater »


Thank you. I really hope you realize and grasp what this band that you co-founded has meant to so many people. Being a music fan yourself, I'm sure you can appreciate what that means. But there was something special about you guys, something tangible in a business that often seems so far away for us fans. You all managed to keep it something bigger and better than all the rest. You kept it real. So much of my past is wrapped up in your band and your music and I love that I have the privelage of being one of many people that get it. And although I am saddened to know that my next show will hold a void where you used to be, I will keep my heart and mind open to what the future holds for Soul Asylum and all members forward. You had an extraordinary run...thanks for all the years, hard work, talent, heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears! Best of luck to you always.....carry on!
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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

Post by LittleTooClean »

I have much to say but this will have to do for the moment....

THANK YOU Danny Murphy for EVERYTHING!!! You changed many of our lives with your music, style and grace!!! We will NEVER forget!!!



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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

Post by Educatrix »


I'm much more sad than I expected I'd be, having only become a fan after seeing you guys at the Bowery Ballroom this past July (and Infinity Music Hall & Mohegan Sun in August). That said, I certainly understand and respect your decision; everyone deserves to retire and get fat & happy - even awesome rock stars who we all want to see perform forever.

When you approached my husband & I before the Mohegan show, and when we chatted with you after, you seemed genuinely and absolutely interested in what we had to say, and in sharing with us; we appreciated that. I gotta say, that - as much as the music - thrilled me just a little. I hope the next phase of your life brings everything you're looking for, and I'm still crossing my fingers that I'll get to see you play once more.

Be well.

~ The Girl in the "I Prefer the Drummer" shirt

Oh - and in case it wasn't apparent: Thank you for all the wonderful music.
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