A message from Dan Murphy

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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

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Dan sei immer freundlich :cry: viva la Soul Asylum :)
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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

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something that's been making me feel better is, not surprisingly, a quote from Dr. Seuss: "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."
that is certainly not to say that i think anything has ended, and the suggestion that it should is insulting to the remaining members and fans. we're still having fun. i remember when I got way bummed out about SP ten years ago, but i was so much older then...

i am happy for Dan. he has given so much to so many. i am eternally grateful. he deserves the best of what life has to offer. and i hope that it finds him.

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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

Post by Educatrix »

Something I forgot to mention to Dan (on the chance he's following the thread, perhaps):

I meant to tell you that one of the reasons I asked you, in particular, to sign my Grand Forks prom CD is that I'm gripped by your note; it's charming and eloquent and heartfelt, and it warms my cockles.

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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

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It was 1984. "Say What You Will . . . " was a big hit on our college radio station (KSJU, St. Johns University), so we decide to bring Soul Asylum up to the big woods for a promotional show. The back room at Sal's Bar in St. Joseph. Bad rented PA. No stage. The well-scrubbed Johnnies and Bennies who packed the place had no earthy idea what was about to hit them. By the end of the second song ("Jukebox Hero," I think), the band had literally cleared the room. But the 50-or-so folks who stuck around saw a furious, frenzied and flat-out passionate show that made every single one of them -- me included -- a fan for life.

Thank you, Mr. Murphy, for adding some great songs to the soundtrack of my life. In a music world full of fakers and phonies and flakes, you will forever embody integrity.

I am happy to see you ride off the stage on the horse you rode in on.

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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

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Two things I'd like to thank you for, Dan: 1) Always talking to me, and I'm sure every other SA fan that has approached you, as a real person, and 2) for providing the other half of the Soul Asylum one-two punch as represented on Sometime To Return/Cartoon, which for me has always been the SA formula that 20-whatever years later still works every time, live or otherwise
There's a ringing in my ears that's Heaven-sent

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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

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Thanks, Dan, for all the memories. A brilliant guitar player and an even better guy. Hardest working band in the world and it shows in the music, the lyrics, and the live performances. You will be missed. Good luck in all you do. And good luck to Soul Asylum moving forward.

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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

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Can't believe it has been almost 10 days since I posted the Potowatomi show info and this was still a rumor. So sorry if I ramble on.

I have spent the last week listening through the bands catalog, all the while thinking how much I will miss Danny. All the guitar parts took extra meaning.

First show I ever saw SA at was the free Cabooze show for the Horse Album. Me and a buddy went up to Minneapolis just to check out some live music and it just so happened Soul Asylum was playing. Loved it, and by chance we made another road trip in July of '92 just before Grave Dancers broke them and saw them for the First time at First Ave.

Then came success and I will admit, while still buying their albums, I had become disenfranchised with big theater shows, so did not see them again until Silver Lining came out. First saw them again at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee and will always remember the energy from the whole band. Tommy came out doing jump splits and thought too myself man have I missed this band. And was again hooked.

Now the last time I saw them was at the Record release show for the new album 1st Ave. And I thought Danny was in Terrific form. Just find the record release show thread for evidence. I was thinking the future was bright. Have a great new album out and touring was going to happen. But then no new dates were ever really announced. So was supper excited to see the Potowatomi show in my home town. Then I come to forum to the post the show info and see Danny did not play with them in Spain. I was like WTF? But still headed to Potowatomi to get my tickets that day with hopes that it was just a one off show in Spain he did not go to.

Then to find out Danny had indeed decided to call it quits I was disillusioned. Did not think this would ever happen. It was kind of like Mick and Keith of the Stones, Dave and Dan of SA they would always be together.

But what I may selflessly be regretting is the time with my brother and his wife who joined me and my wife for many road trips to see Soul Asylum. Just don't know if it will be the same or even close without Danny. We will see Nov. 2nd at Potowatomi my first post Danny SA show.

Thank You Danny For your many years of service to Rock and Roll!!!

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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

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Hi Dan

It hadn't occurred to me before I read your post that you had left the band that you have been the most influential guitar player on my own playing. You have an understated committed genius and touch. How to build a song from its beginning sound is tough and it seems to me that you did it effortlessly to brilliant effect.

You may never hear my music but that doesn't matter. Thank you for your music and thank you for inspiring me.


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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

Post by lampros »

Dan thank you for the memories and your great contribution to my favourite's band music. I am not sure if SA will be the same without you but I really hope that SA will still be a living part of my life.
Dan I hope you will be happy and healthy. Take care!!!

Σε ευχαριστώ Νταν!!! = Thank you Dan!!!

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Re: A message from Dan Murphy

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See you Dan, you were cool!
I have stood here before inside the pouring rain
With the world turning circles running 'round my brain
I guess I always thought that you could end this reign


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