Hi from Brazil

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Hi from Brazil

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Hi Everyone!
I'm new here in the chat, but a fan and collector since 1992.I live in São Paulo / Brazil and had the opportunity to see them here in 1994. I have all the cd's, some cassettes and vinyls, as here there is nothing extra official release on the band, the way is to import when giving or asking a friend to bring. Well, let me just wish everyone and available to be able to share this beautiful feeling to have a favorite band. May 11'll do the first show with Soul Asylum Cover that graduated with 3 more friends and fans, and I'm very proud. I'll shoot and then post the link here in case anyone is interested. Thank you for your attention and long life to Soul Asylum (I hope tp see them soon in Brazil). My e-mail adress: lirinha77@yahoo.com.br
Lirinha Morini

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Re: Hi from Brazil


Welcome.it must be hard being a fan so far away.i hope you get to see them soon.

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Re: Hi from Brazil

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Welcome! :)

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