New SA material coming soon?

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New SA material coming soon?

Post by philgar »

Just figured I'd share this... Michael bland had previously posted that the band might play some new songs on the LP tour, and later commented with:

"we got quite a few new songs in the can, actually. plus, we have a bunch of covers we recorded over the last year or so. we're planning on dropping a couple EPs full of those this summer and fall, most likely."

Sounds pretty cool, I'd love to get my hands on these EPs... Hopefully they're real EPs, and not just short CDs!!!


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Re: New SA material coming soon?

Post by Yaz McBoo »

Is this the same covers EP that was supposed to come out at the end of last summer? Unusual optimism from you Phil! Wonder if any of them will feature Dan Murphy (Teenage Kicks?!?) ?

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Re: New SA material coming soon?

Post by Closer »

I'm not a big fan of bands releasing cover albums... I rather hear original songs.

Anywho, I check out Winston's site sometimes because he actually updates regularly and he posted this:
Soon I'll be going back to Minneapolis to continue recording and touring with Soul Asylum. The covers record is in the can. Just waiting on artwork...

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Re: New SA material coming soon?

Post by AlyssaJones »

That's awesome! I'd be more excited about new material than covers, but I think they've been working on the covers CD for like a year and a half now so they might as well get 'em out before they lose 'em, I guess. Sounds like new material is coming soon though. :)

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Re: New SA material coming soon?

Post by Educatrix »

New material is always preferable, but I feel a punk covers album from SA versus an album of new material is the difference between an A- and an A.

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Re: New SA material coming soon?


I want new stuff.

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