New Songs (spoiler alert)

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Re: New Songs (spoiler alert)

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I would like new music...

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Re: New Songs (spoiler alert)

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Yaz McBoo wrote:Seems like the new-new material will be pretty good but I will definitely be playing (I'm still calling it) Hallowed Ground a lot, and if Direction or Freak Accident came out, I'd be playing their studio takes a ton too. It would be like night and day comparing them with audience recordings. Again, the thing with the last record is that there already were studio/official live takes of those songs. That doesn't appear to be the case with the upcoming record.
Yeah, that's true. I guess the reason why I was a bit surprised is because we don't get as many new SA albums as back in the day when they were releasing albums every two years. So therefore I prefer to hear as much new music as possible, because this might be the last album we will get from this band. That's why Delayed Reaction was such a disappointment for me, but I suppose it's different for everyone.

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Re: New Songs (spoiler alert)

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EasyStreet wrote: I like how the few people posting here are tape traders, and ones that I remember from the old days.

But anyway, thanks for posting the link which gave us something to talk about for for a few pages
Tape trading... good times. Yes, the digital world has made for some nice connections that I am happy to have but there was something else about the trading community.

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Re: New Songs (spoiler alert)

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I didn't do much tape trading; I benefited from some kind traders who would send me a tape once in a while, but in the 90s it was a fun way for a new fan to learn about the older shows.

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