No love for 'Welcome to the Minority?'

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No love for 'Welcome to the Minority?'

Post by devall2000 »

I was surprised at the criticisms I read of 'Welcome to the Minority' a few months ago.

Apart from there being way too much empty space on the discs that could've been filled by song like James at 16 (medley), Horse promo, etc. I don't see what the problem is.

I was quite happy to get the 2 A&M albums digitally remastered, and I thought the concert was good.

What do you all think,

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Re: No love for 'Welcome to the Minority?'

Post by philipgar »

For me, the problem with the set is it was just too expensive. The set is still $50 on amazon. It just doesn't seem that compelling to me. Is the quality of the songs actually better? I know it's remastered, but that means different things depending on the album. The extra stuff on there just isn't compelling to me either.

While I love listening to live SA shows, this isn't even a full show, and I have tons of shows sitting around that rarely get listened to the way it is. I would say, if I didn't already own the 2 albums, this would be well worth it.

In comparison, this year the Replacements reissued their Twin/Tone albums, and I love that set. I had the albums before, but they sound a little better (although there's only so much they can do), but more importantly they really hose some great bonus tracks. The songs show the history and progression of the band, and it adds to them overall. Welcome to the Minority just seemed to throw a few bonus tracks on board at random, and I was familiar with most of them already. And come on, only one bonus track for horse? Just seems like a wasted opportunity.

For the record, I've been thinking about getting this eventually, but it's just a hard thing to justify. There are so many other CDs I want to get that this set just isn't at the top of my priorities. As an aside, are there any interesting liner notes with the album?


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Re: No love for 'Welcome to the Minority?'

Post by piotie »

I picked it up on ebay a couple weeks ago for $30. I don't have a lot of live material, so really that was the main reason for the purchase. When they didn't include many bonus tracks..... I was kinda annoyed, and wasn't going to bother with it (already had both the A&M albums) but getting a good deal on it, I couldn't resist. It would be a great pick up for anyone who doesn't already own the two albums, or (I guess) if you've got a small collection of live material (like me).

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Re: No love for 'Welcome to the Minority?'

Post by sheryl »

For me it just wasn't anything I needed. I have the albums already, and so much live stuff it's crazy. I don't remember what the bonus tracks were, but I do seem to recall them being songs I already have as well. Why buy it all again?

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Re: No love for 'Welcome to the Minority?'

Post by rockinbrian »

For me the price is also to high. Are the remasters that good? I got the live stuff and bonus tracks off Itunes though. Would have bought the set if it could have been had for $30.

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Re: No love for 'Welcome to the Minority?'

Post by GraveDancer »

I thought it was great. Was able to listen to the whole thing hanging out on the beach and it's pretty dang groovy :geek:

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Re: No love for 'Welcome to the Minority?'

Post by andrewttw »

When I was in New York City a couple of weeks ago I was browsing in the Times Sq Virgin Megastore, they had a big $10 CD sale on.

Much to my amazment as I was browsing through the $10 CD's Welcome to the Minority appeard amongst them!

I don't know if there are many Virgin Megastores in the States or even if the $10 sale is still on, but it's worth looking for if you live near one.

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Re: No love for 'Welcome to the Minority?'

Post by mystic_spiral_3 »

Wow. That's cheaper than what I paid at that store back in June. Though I still got mine on sale for about 30 bucks.

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Re: No love for 'Welcome to the Minority?'

Post by CrazyLittleWoman »

I got mine as a Christmas gift. (I have the best friends!) I love it, but then I didn't have either of the CDs before and very little live stuff.
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Re: No love for 'Welcome to the Minority?'

Post by Judgmental Patient »

For me it was about putting some money in Dave and Dan's pocket. It's was also nice having an official recording of an A&M era show.
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