Sept 4th Chat Review (and future chat info)

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Sept 4th Chat Review (and future chat info)

Post by Monolith Maniac »

First of all I want to thank those who could make it (as well as those who tried to) yesterday for being a part of the site's first successful chat (which only took 11 short months to accomplish :) ). With that said, I and hope we can continue to have many more successful chats, such as yesterday's in the future.

During the chat we discussed many topics about Soul Asylum (songs, concerts, etc.), played SA Name That Tune, and talked about many other off topic things which seemed to spawn from talking about SA. For a long while we had over a dozen members in the chat that were talking up a storm.


Our next scheduled chat that we have currently planned will be held on Monday, October 6th; our site's first anniversary. During that chat hopefully we can discuss plans for future chats. After that chat I will post a poll in the forum leaving you to decide on how you would like the scheduled chats (weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, randomly, etc. If members want to discuss it more I can create the poll even sooner).

If you do have an idea on how you would like the scheduled chats, please feel free to post your opinion, as that might work out even better than the ones I suggested.

Again, thanks for showing up yesterday. I had a great time; it reminded me of the old chats that we used to have on the the old AOL and Yahoo sites. I hope to see hear some of your feedback/responses on what you thought about the chat yesterday as well as discussions about future chats.

Jim Metz, Webmaster of

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Re: Sept 4th Chat Review (and future chat info)

Post by sayeeda » one's responded yet. Well then, I'll be the first to say congrats on a well-publicized and great chat. Success is sweet this time. ;)

Curiosity speaking, what's the maximum capacity of the chat? Or is there a max? I never saw more than 13 people, myself included, in the room.

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Re: Sept 4th Chat Review (and future chat info)

Post by Homesick »

As far as I know, there is no upper limit (and there really shouldn't be). The 13-person max you've seen is likely due to our relatively low member count—and even then, having more than 1 out of 20 members in the chat room at the same time is pretty good.
Jakob Kallin, webmaster of

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Re: Sept 4th Chat Review (and future chat info)

Post by Twiddly Dee »

I really did enjoy chatting with you all. I am brushing up on my lyrics as we speak! Geez I suck at name that tune!

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Re: Sept 4th Chat Review (and future chat info)

Post by CrazyLittleWoman »

It was a bit confusing. There were about five different conversations going on at once and I think I was taking part in at least three of them at any given time. But it was lots of fun.

As for SA Name That Tune, I'm brushing up on my typing speed! :)
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Re: Sept 4th Chat Review (and future chat info)

Post by andrewttw »

Yep I agree the chat was a lot of fun despite it being 2AM in the morining in England I managed to stay awake enoough to have a decent chat with several of you about the band and my latest upcoming trip to mpls and St Louis! I can't wait I arrive in Mpls a week from now!


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Re: Sept 4th Chat Review (and future chat info)

Post by mystic_spiral_3 »

I enjoyed going to the chat as well. I know there were several conversations at once, but in my experience that happened often if there were enough chatters. It was fun and good to get to know some of the people on the board better.

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