Soul Asylum Tour Shirts

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Soul Asylum Tour Shirts

Post by OneLovedBand »

What do you do with your Soul Asylum tour shirts after you buy them? Do you wear them often? Sometimes? Never? Special occasions only? Do you display them? Make crafts out of them? Discuss. :)

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Re: Soul Asylum Tour Shirts

Post by irreverentsoul »

I am a collector, so I have my shirts packed away for safe keeping, but I always buy one to wear. I still have a First Avenue XX Anniversary T-Shirt that I love to wear...Where does the time go?

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Re: Soul Asylum Tour Shirts

Post by mystic_spiral_3 »

Some I wear, though many of them are too large for me now. They're still fun to wear at home though. It depends on the design. If it's a really cool picture that I don't want to get damaged from washing, I probably won't wear it often. If it just has their name or if I don't care as much about the picture, I will wear it more often.

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