Fan club christmas cards

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Fan club christmas cards

Post by philipgar »

Does anyone in here happen to have copies of the old fanclub christmas cards that got sent out. I wasn't in it back then, but I always enjoyed seeing them. I was discussing them in the chat on monday, and couldn't find them. If anyone has them, could they please post or link to them.


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Re: Fan club christmas cards

Post by Monolith Maniac »

Here's their Christmas card from 1993 (with another picture of Santa Dan nonetheless and Dave sporting the pre-Claire Danes angel wings) :P :
I believe the other side of the card said "Happy Holidays from Soul Asylum".

I also remember seeing a "scribbled" caricature drawing of Dave front and center (and possibly the band in the back), with the title "Ho-Ho Hum" which was on a white sheet with red background (I believe); but I'm not sure if that was used as a Christmas card.


Update: I found it (a little off from the description I gave above):
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Re: Fan club christmas cards

Post by lune ellise »

Check out Grant's antlers!!!!
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Re: Fan club christmas cards

Post by triumph3434 »

These are great. Are there any more? I would love to own one of these. What years did they send em out.?

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