New Songs and more shows!

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Re: New Songs and more shows!

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crawl wrote:I am sure both of them have enough songs in a box somewhere to put out a new album (oops) CD.
Speaking of "songs in a box," back during Katrina, there was an article that featured comments from a few famous New Orleans residents that had evacuated and were worried about the expected flooding. Dave was interviewed, and he mentioned several items in his home that he was very concerned for, that would be irreplaceable if destroyed by flooding. If memory serves (debatable), I think he was particularly concerned about a vintage guitar and a notebook full of writing.

His home was undamaged, thankfully, so his notebook should have survived entact as well. Could the risk of losing those ideas to the flood possibly have provided an impetous to look at that material recently with fresh eyes, possibly providing the basis for the new songs we're hoping for this year? (Dave did say in Peru that this year would be interesting, so they've got to have something new brewing, right?)


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Re: New Songs and more shows!

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Thanks for the info Dells. That helps keep my hope up!!

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