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Re: SA on Yahoo!

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Dave has cut back on smoking. He prefers to "bum" cigarettes than to carry them. This makes it more difficult for him to just pop one in his mouth whenever. In Boston, I don't think he smoked on stage one time.

As someone who also fights the urge to smoke, it's really hard to just quit completely, especially in "trigger" places like concerts or bars. It's more of a social habit with me now instead of a solo act, meaning I usually only smoke with others and not much at all at home. Others have the opposite problem, where they smoke at home more than in public.

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Re: SA on Yahoo!

Post by zany »

no1rockfan wrote: In Boston, I don't think he smoked on stage one time.
nope he definitely didn't. nor did he at the one other show i saw him at.

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Re: SA on Yahoo!

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Yes when I was chatting to him after the show in Spain he was after a cigarette he said something along the lines of “yeah I try not to smoke much now – but now and again – especially after a show” and he ended up paying someone a euro (about $1.40) for a single cigarette.

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