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Hey Everybody,

I know it's been a long time since I've rapped at ya...I've been on tour all summer with the Jonas Brothers, of all people. BUT - this doesn't mean I'm shying away from my SA duties. In fact, I've been as busy as ever helping the band usher in a new era...

Soul Asylum has hired new management. It's all very new and fresh, but the band has decided to partner with Red Light Management, a big management company that is owned by Dave Matthews' manager and is based out of Charlottesville, VA with offices all over the country. There are many different departments within the company that will ensure Soul Asylum's exposure to the world can get back to where it deserves to be. You can check out the company's roster at

There will be several changes forthcoming, and you guys will be the first to know. Just know that the band's online presence will be blown up, more shows in more places will be booked, and more people will know about them - among many other exciting things.

Also, the band is currently in the writing process for the next album and it's going very well.

There is lots of stuff going on, and 2010 promises to be a banner year for Soul Asylum. We can't wait to share it all with you.

Stay tuned,

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Re: Ch-ch-ch-changes...

Post by Twiddly Dee »

YAAAAA ..thanks so much for the update Benny! We all have been anxiously awaiting some news! Cannot wait for the new album!

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Re: Ch-ch-ch-changes...

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Wonderful news! It seemed to me they didn't care for the future.
I'm so happy i was wrong!

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Re: Ch-ch-ch-changes...

Post by philipgar »

Thanks for the news! Hopefully this works well for the guys. It would be great to see them have a larger web presence as well (as long as this site remains the real home for the fans). More shows sounds awesome too! This year has been way too light on them so far. Glad to see they're still writing and working.


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Re: Ch-ch-ch-changes...

Post by AlyssaJones »

Yay!!!!! Thanks for the info, Benny! Man, I haven't felt this excited and fangirly since...since...oh, I don't even know when!

I'm so happy!

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Re: Ch-ch-ch-changes...

Post by zany »

sweeeeet! glad i checked this post first today :)
i'm happy to know the current sparse show schedule is allowing them more time to work on a new album! ... and MORE shows in the future sounds awesome!!

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Re: Ch-ch-ch-changes...

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That's great to hear Benny; especially since the number of concerts year has been a little sub par (though its definitely better than none). The roster of their new management they're going to be on has a lot of great artists on them; glad to seem them become a part of it. I'm sure it will be more positive one than the one they were on; so I wish them the best of luck on that.

Definitely some awesome news that a new album is in the works; looking forward to hearing any additional information. :)
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Re: Ch-ch-ch-changes...

Post by mystic_spiral_3 »

What good news! This is the highlight of my day!

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Re: Ch-ch-ch-changes...

Post by matrok »

Headlining in Detroit and now this, we couldn't be more excited!!

Now if we can find a way backstage...Gotta see who I know in the openers.
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Re: Ch-ch-ch-changes...

Post by triumph3434 »

Keep us updated... Where in Colorado are you?

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