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Re: now leads here

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What Phil said about it being a fansite is true. It's run by and for the fans, so by definition it is a fansite and there's really nothing wrong with that. However, even though this is the official site (or the most official, whichever you're more comfortable calling it) people might see "fansite" and think, "well if this is a fansite, where's the official site?" New visitors should know that this is THE wesbite for Soul Asylum. So what if you called it an "official fansite"? (It's just an idea, I don't care if you hate it :P ) I mean, if this isn't the official site, there's never going to be an official site. The managers like this, and there's no point in them making another, so I doubt that they ever will.

(Oh, and one little nit-picky thing, when you google Soul Asylum and this comes up as the first result, the little blue links under the description say schedule - songs - biography - trivia. If you click on schedule it brings up the chat schedule, and that might kinda confuse people looking for their upcoming show schedule.)

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