2010 Dec. 17th - First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

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Re: First Avenue Show Meetup

Post by Sometime to Return »

Pink Mink has been added; so there are 3 bands. So; The Figgs should start around 930ish/ 945ish.

I; too, want to see The Figgs.

Hope that helps.
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Gluek's 12/17/2010.

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Re: First Avenue Show Meetup

Post by JohnMutXB »

I'll go ahead and represent the out-of-town crowd and be there by 6. If anyone wants to join me before the reservation, I assume I'll be at the bar with a can of Surly, and if not I'll see you guys at 7:30.

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Re: First Avenue Show Meetup

Post by crawl »

k so first "I love you Mike, you are a golden god!

Since I want to be CLOSE, I will probably not want to hang around much at 7:30, so I will say that with good traffic we will be there at 6 and join the out of towners, we'll represent the FIBS (as opposed to the lollipop guild). Hope to say hello to all before heading over (shiver).

I will be celebrating a job (YES!) and the end of the accounting class I just HATED.

Guess I'll see you later...

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Re: First Avenue Show Meetup

Post by Asylunt »

The Depot is literally next door, I think my GF and I will be eating there before the show. Gluek's is a good place, but I get off work at 5:30, meeting my GF and dropping our Kid off at the sitter, well that's going to take awhile as I live at least 45mins from First Ave depending on traffic.

I'm sure I'll be wearing my Micheal Bland, 3rd times a charm SA shirt. Shaved head, scrawny guy. Been around since the AOL Discussion Group days, and haven't met many of you, and the few I have it has been so long. I'm typically a shy anti social person, so don't feel offended if I am not a fountain of conversation. I'm friendly though.

Looking forward to tonight, hope someone records it for those that don't get to go(and those of us that did too).
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Re: First Avenue Show Meetup

Post by Barty2000 »

Hi all,

I will be attending and bringing a friend or 3 with. We will probably be able to make it at 7ish. No food but beers sound good. Looking forward to meeting y'all.


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Re: First Avenue Show Meetup

Post by LoudFastNoRules »

long time no post-I am going to try and make it with a friend. Otherwise I will be one of the photogs in the photo pit for the first three songs. Say hey, throw something at me, whatever! Name is Jeff, and a little scruffy.

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Re: First Avenue Show Meetup

Post by philipgar »

if people are having trouble finding us at the pre show meetup, i should be wearing a two cow garage t shirt, but i'll have a brown lehigh hoodie on over it (most likely), and a blue microsoft research jacket on. if i'm wearing a hat, it'll be my soul asylum beanie.


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Re: First Avenue Show Meetup

Post by LittleTooClean »

I am here in Minneapolis at the Marriott city center

I have time to meet up where ever.

For those who have never met me before
I'm wearing a rock and roll hall of fame shirt, shaved head,glasses
And I have a long black coat.

The camera I was going to bring broke and all I have to film is my phone camera
If anyone else can bring something to film with in addition mine that would be great

See you all soon

Mike W

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Re: First Avenue Show Meetup

Post by desirae »

i hope everyone has fun tonight, i so jealous, i want a full report!!!

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Dec 17 2010 Set List

Post by Moto Geek »

This is what I recorded to be the set list for tonight's First Ave show.

Artificial Heart
Somebody To Shove
All Is Well
Into The Light
Whatcha Need
Black Gold
Without A Trace
New World
Ran Off And Left Her
The Streets
I Did My Best
Runaway Train
Closer To The Stars
Just Like Anyone
Black Star (was AWESOME)
Summer Of Drugs
Stand Up And Be Strong
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