2011 Oct. 16th - Ancienne Club, Brussels, Belgium (Canceled)

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Re: 2011 Oct. 16th - Ancienne Belgique Club, Brussels, Belgi

Post by Jessi »

They just posted on facebook that this show has also been cancelled. I'm a bit pissed of. :(

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Re: 2011 Oct. 16th - Ancienne Club, Brussels, Belgium (Cance

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Just got around to checking my email, but you probably have already saw the following from Wes:

"We are sorry to announce that our performance in Belgium on October 16 is also canceled due to scheduling conflicts. We wish to extend our most heartfelt apologies to all our fans inconvenienced by this cancellation and hope to reschedule this show and the London show after the release of the next album. Refunds can be obtained at point-of-purchase."
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Re: 2011 Oct. 16th - Ancienne Club, Brussels, Belgium (Cance

Post by tillens »

This is fukced up. Fucked up loud. This gentleman is FUBAR.

For shit's sake, can't anything can just go right this year.

There's a lot of people out there who'd had their hopes up for the brussels show because there was no notification. Thanks but no thanks. Another day passes by, and it's already 20 years.. I'm sick of this.

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Re: 2011 Oct. 16th - Ancienne Club, Brussels, Belgium (Cance

Post by andrewttw »

This is yet another screw-up from the bands management, Why could this cancellation not have been announced at the same time as the London one, why a week later?

I know a few people who were going to London but rescheduled to go to Brussels after the London cancellation meaning they've now lost money on flights etc twice.

As for me who was going to both shows I'm still going to goto London & Brussels anyway as I'm not going to waste my non-refundable train & flight tickets, so anyone that feels the same and is going anyway lets meet up for a beer and still have a good Soul-Asylum-less night!


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Re: 2011 Oct. 16th - Ancienne Club, Brussels, Belgium (Cance

Post by Closer »

This really sucks indeed... they boycot Europe for 16 years and then when they finally make some dates, they cancel... funny enough I thought that this would happen and didn't get my hopes up too much, but still... I don't understand how scheduling conflicts can happen anyway... the band is really doing a great job of losing the very rare fans that they have and if they want to come here again at some point I can only imagine that they will sell even less tickets than they probably already did now.

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