2011 Oct. 15th - HMV Forum, London, England (Canceled)

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Re: 2011 Oct. 15th - HMV Forum, London, England - Canceled

Post by Janine »

Was so looking forward to this. Decided to go to this show instead of the one in Brussels because I will be in London on wednesday anyway. Was going to buy tickets on Monday.. glad I didn't. I feel really bad for all of you who spend so much money and now can't get it back :-( I know what it's like and it SUCKS!

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Re: 2011 Oct. 15th - HMV Forum, London, England - Canceled

Post by matty »

Try not to get too mad at the band...i would blame their management for booking them at such a large venue. 2350?? In the states they play paid up front gigs at Oyster Fests and State Fairs, what made them think they would be able to fill this place?? Hopefully they make this right and book another gig for you guys....

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Re: 2011 Oct. 15th - HMV Forum, London, England - Canceled

Post by darren »

I agree , i am really angry but not with the band , as you say its bad management there are bands who are in the charts over here at the moment not selling out the same venue . I will still love soul asylum they have got me through much worse things than this with their music and thier songs will always mean so much , just want to hear them live again , ive waited 18 years so i suppose a bit longer wont halm lol

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Re: 2011 Oct. 15th - HMV Forum, London, England - Canceled

Post by wakeyboarder »

I was so upset by this and had an unexpected family bereavement happen the same day which put the cancellation into perspective. I really don't see them coming to the uk again if they can't sell e-nough tickets in the capital, if that is the reason. If anyone is still going to London you could do a lot worse than go watch Keith. Caputo ex life if agony in soho does some nice moving music. Nothing would of beat the soul asylum gig though. I feel really sorry for the person on here who booked from Poland hope you get a refund.

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Re: 2011 Oct. 15th - HMV Forum, London, England - Canceled

Post by tillens »

Ah hell.... I bought tickets for the show in Brussels. I think they'll cancel that one as well. Crap! Waited since 1992 to see the guys live. They should book a tour, play in my homecountry as well ( the Netherlands). Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. Play , and play and play!

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Re: 2011 Oct. 15th - HMV Forum, London, England - Canceled

Post by AlyssaJones »

This was posted to the band's Facebook earlier tonight:
Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in responding and VERY SORRY for the cancellation. It was unavoidable due to one members schedule. We can't wait to get back to London as it's been way too long. We are working on rescheduling in the New Year and will keep you posted. If you have issues getting refunds, please post here and we will monitor and help anyone with an issue.

Thanks for your continued support and we will see you soon!


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Shows cancelling, Autumn 2011

Post by danbarry »

well, since they cancelled the Denver show, I suppose we and the Belgians shouldn't feel too much that its a snub to europe. looking more like a genuine case of something important within the band possibly.

I think until we know for sure we should continue support the band. If it's management then they can always fire them, if its something within the band, personal problems or someone leaving etc, then we should want them to get this sorted and hopefully when we do see them they'll live up to everyones expectations and tear the fookin roof off. I know its all easy for me to say I dont stand to lose anything, i live on london and was only on the verge of buying my ticket, but i sympathise with how much of a hassle this is to the people who have gone to huge time and expense, bought tix, planes, hotels etc.

I agree you have every right to post your anger. I hope the management and the band read these and realize that there are a lot of people to whome Soul Asylum still mean a hell of a lot.

I know this is little comfort and from individual perspectives it sucks big time, please try to keep it in perspective. Bands hate to cancel shows. I'm sure the reason (should we ever find out why it is) will be a good one. (possibly completing a new album).

We can only hope and maintain the collective dream we've all held onto for the last 15 or so years.

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