2011 Sept. 9th - Concrete & Grass Fest, St. Paul, MN (Dave)

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Re: 2011-09-09 - Dave solo acoustic - St Paul

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That performance of "Without a Trace" is really beautiful. That's not one that I would have thought of in a solo show. I guess it's not that much of a leap since Dave plays acoustic for it anyway. But the regular performance of the song has such a "big" sound, that I just wouldn't have thought it would work so well solo. I love the melancholy minimalism of it. Just underscores what a great song it is that it works so well both ways.
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Re: 2011-09-09 - Dave solo acoustic - St Paul

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I didn’t watch the WOAT video but Dave “cutting a vein” like that was…well; pretty awesome. It you weren’t touched; you don’t have a heart.

Dave opening up like this really hit home for me. A real good friend of mine is still “destroyed/ suffering” by the recent Russian plane carrying the hockey team that went down as he lost a couple of good friends.

Dave wasn’t drinking before the show; in fact when I saw him before the show he was drinking a Gatorade; maybe a powerade, something like that. I very briefly talked to him prior to the show and he seemed nervous. I think he was just “out of his comfort” level without his electric guitar/ rhythm section.

David your songs hold up great with just an acoustic guitar.

I really enjoyed the evening. The weather, the full moon, the setting but more importantly the MUSIC that I love played an entirely different way than I “normally” listen to it.

After the show; it was "cool" to watch Dave play/ interact with his nieces and nephews (the Summit truck was behind the stage; that’s where I was going, I wasn’t stalking) Listening to the kids call him “Uncle Dave” ..well; kinda put the whole night into perspective.

Tracy… it was great to talk with you after the show. It really looked like your family enjoyed the night. See ya at the Christmas show !!
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Re: 2011-09-09 - Dave solo acoustic - St Paul

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I was there and took photos and video:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/countrycit ... 525113217/

Without a Trace:

Runaway Train:

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