October 14 - Tralf SA Show - Anyone going?

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October 14 - Tralf SA Show - Anyone going?

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I made up my mind and decided i wanted to go see SA for the first time (been a fan since i was 12 - this was 1993)

Well, the show is on the exact same date as the Canadian Thanksgiving, thus there will be NO bus services available that day (City Buses nor Niagara Regional)

Cab fare is out of the question, and taking coach canada/megabus from Welland (theres nothing available for greyhound.)to niagara falls, and niagara falls to buffalo would not work.

I could offer to pay transportation, if required, if anyone from the niagara region (or any part of ontario) thats going up to see SA would be able to provide me transporation.

any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Not sure if im permitted to request this, and its probably a long shot, however, i thought i would ask to see if anyone would be able to assist.
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