2013 Jan. 19th - First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (Dave Solo)

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Re: Dave playing solo at First Ave January 19th!

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LittleTooClean wrote:[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTqelwQzASk[/youtube]
Awesome clip; looks like everybody had fun! Seems like Dave had a little bit of his Bittersweetheart moves going on in there (though not as pronounced). :lol: He sure seemed to be in a hurry getting off that stage too (though I've noticed that in a lot of performances when he's with other bands).

(Mike, are you lurking around YouTube to find out when the latest video comes out?) :P
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Re: 2013 Jan. 19th - First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (Dave Sol

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Get On Out is what I meant. I was typing that as Dave was singing, Outta My Head so my brain wrote that instead. I had a long island at that point as well.
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Re: 2013 Jan. 19th - First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (Dave Sol

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Glad u were able to enjoy the long island and the show. I knew what u meant. Hope u r well!!!

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