Poconos (PA) Mohegan Sun, 8/23/14

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Re: Poconos (PA) Mohegan Sun, 8/23/14

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thanks all you new-posters for all the reviews : ) i'm even more excited to see them in CT in a month!

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Re: Poconos (PA) Mohegan Sun, 8/23/14

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Chevynut, i was sitting a chair or two away from you, 5th row. the whole sit down thing was strange, especially those chairs, like being at a wedding. first chance i got i hit the front. I've seen SA a few times and this was the best! great show! seeing them again next month and in October. I'm sure there's a 12 step program for my addiction. I met AndrewTTW (hey!) and hung out with him all eve. we got to talk at length with Justin, we met Winston briefly. The highlight of my night was buying Dave a drink at the bar, a bit of small talk, and asked him to sign a shirt for me. it is great the way they are accessible to their fans, nice guys really. New album hopefully in March. Waiting for Connecticut!

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