2007 Dec. 21st - First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

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norma023 wrote:Would like to add some archival info on that setlist and about the songs played, for anyone interested (or not): :D
Thanks Todd, you read my mind. I remembered you telling me about the "last played" dates yesterday and was going to include them, but I forgot exactly when they were last performed. Also thanks for putting Silly Love Songs in the list (forgot to add that great little "bit" to the list earlier).
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norma023 wrote:
Encores #2:
Cruel Intentions
Candy From A Stranger
Slowly Rising
Sounds like an incredible show. Quick question about it, was dave on keys for cruel and candy?


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Yes...Dave was on the keys.
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One other small note about the show -- Dave shed his telecaster and Benny came out and played guitar on "Hope" (Descendents cover), while Dave sang and roamed the stage in primal, punk rock glory. Really fun performance.
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That was by far the greatest show i have ever been to!!! the Mrs. was a little disappointed they didn't play "we3" but i thought the set list was perfect!!! i finally got to see them play "easy street" live so now i can die a happy man! what a great night. thank you to the band and all that attended.

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It was great seeing some Illinois (my former home before I moved to MPLS this past summer) people at the show - Jim, Scott and Traci! Wish I could have met more of you from this site. Oh well, there's always next week! So who's going to see Dave & co. at The Cabooze next week?


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Wow, Oh My God! That was the coolest show I could have ever hoped to of seen Friday night. Simply amazing! Probably the best SA show I've seen in a few years! I almost didn't go, instead to hang out with some friends from out of town, but then decided I needed to see them before the holiday, gonna be stressful and this show definitely left me with that "Ringing in my ears that's heaven sent", you know the sweet dullness of sound after seeing a good SA show, you can't hear, you are almost in a daze. I know it's really from the dead cells in your eardrums being replaced and I should have worn ear plugs, but it really just feels like nothing sonicly(sp?) compares to what I experienced the night before!

Oh, run on sentences could keep gushing out of me, but those of you that were there know what I mean!

I think every roadie or guitar tech cept maybe Blake, from the past 10 years was there. I was wondering who was gonna run out and fix stuff during Stand Up and Be Strong, then James I believe comes out, he's been with SA on the road before and I met him at a couple Westerberg shows in MO before, nice guy got me into the Columbia show free. But as I was standing there I really started feeling the magic of following this band and knowing everybody on the stage, not personally, but I mean they were more than just random people. It was family and I couldn't help but enjoy that feeling, looking around at all these people from different walks of life singing along to all these songs, both old and new.

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Anybody have any great pix to post from this show ?
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Wow! That show was totally AMAZING! I think I just found out that one hasn't really lived until one has seen them perform...at least once.

Heheh Asylunt...I know exactly what you mean. My ears were still ringing far into the next day...but then again, I was standing practically next to the stage right speakers. :D

I'm sad to say I didn't get to meet up with any of you...not that I'd know what most of you look like... :( ...but if, perhaps, you saw a girl in white and brown layers, with black hair and glasses wandering around, that was me.

Nope sorry...didn't bring my camera. I'm sure someone from here took some pics?!? <keeps fingers crossed and looks hopeful>

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You were standing right next to me! I was right by those speakers as well right near the dressing room!
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