7-19-17 Albany, NY

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7-19-17 Albany, NY

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This was a fun show at Empire State Plaza--great to see the band where I live! The show was a little shorter than expected (two songs were dropped off the set list encore) but honestly a little longer than I expected for an early evening outdoor show.

Misery/Silly Love Songs
Shut Down
Without a Trace (dedicated to Karl)
Never Really Been (2023)
Summer of Drugs
Something out of Nothing
Somebody to Shove
Black Gold
Runaway Train
Don't Bother Me
Can't Help It
Just Like Anyone
Stand Up and Be Strong

Encore: April Fool

Rob, it was good to see you, and thanks for the water! I look forward to seeing your pictures!

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Re: 7-19-17 Albany, NY

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Made to be Broken was also dropped from the printed setlist (between Can't Help It and Just Like Anyone. The two encore songs not played were Eyes of a Child and Doomsday. SA didn't come on until 6:45 so they only had 1h 15 min to work with.

Interesting setlist, I feel like I hadn't heard Lately in a while, nor Never Really Been. I guess Something Out of Nothing is a setlist regular now, that's cool! I kinda consider NRB and Summer of Drugs to be "late-set" songs, but they were played early and the new songs didn't show up til near the end of the show. Good to see the band mixing things up. Oxygen went straight to Spinnin' without missing a beat, that rocked.

Dave told the antenna/wedding reception joke, and Stand Up and Be Strong had the "you could have been anywhere in the world" banter again.

Best part for me was that this show took place on the front steps of the museum where my photo exhibit is on display ;) Pretty awesome to see my work inside and then walk outside and see Soul Asylum!

There actually was a merchandise table too. There are two new tshirts, one I'm told is fan-designed. Also a light blue shirt with the texting monkey, and a black version of the Jagermeister shirt. All 25 bucks. They also have socks with album art too, 15 bucks. No CDs for sale but they do have the new album on vinyl.

Great to hang with you Sarah! See you Friday =)

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