anyone go to any of these recent shows?

Talk about the latest gigs, publish your show reports, and reminisce about past performances.
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anyone go to any of these recent shows?

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anyone go to any of the recent shows and could post a review of some type?

Sept 1 Detroit, MI
Sept 22 Saint Louis, MO
Sept 29 Huntsville, AL
Sept 29 Hollywood, FL
Oct 13 Kansas City, MO

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I went to the show in Florida and it my first time seeing the guys. I've been a fan for years so this was HUGE for me! Me and my friends were totally hanging around the wrong stage and wondering where the hell the band was, when we heard Somebody To Shove in the distance. Ends up they set up a tiny stage on the beach for the band so we ran over and went around and got right up on the stage. The first few songs Dave was pissed because they had shitty mics and even threw a few micstands off the stage. But then things calmed down and the show was fucking awesome. Played the classics, as well as All is Well, Bus Named Desire, Crazy Mixed Up World, Oxygen, and Stand Up and Be Strong. What was kind of lame was I didn't see too many people that were too into it or singing the songs. But there were a couple thousand people there so who knows... but that's what I saw in the front anyway. The only thing that sucked was that I was expecting Tommy to be on bass, and he's been my idol since forever so I was hoping to see him on bass. But it was still cool. The show was fucking amazing, besides the sound which was kind of off.... probably due to the sand from the beach being thrown all over the place. But alot of energy, and fun, and rock. Can't wait to see them in Orlando in a few weeks!

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I also was at the Hollywood show. My husband, daughter, and I came early, found friends, ate (clams of course, it was a Clambake) and ran for cover when it started to pour! We became seperated from the friends, but managed to get right up front by the right side of the stage. As it turns out, I was pretty close to EFISH. Yes, Dave had some microphone issues, and had what he later described as a "hissy fit", largely directed at one of the crew. At one point, he totally gave up on the mic stand and tossed it into the auduence, promising to bring his own equipment the next time he came down. Now, with no mic stand, he improvised, bringing up a girl from the audience (Erika). You can get a good idea of how that worked out on Youtube, there is a decent video clip of that part of the show. Towards the end of the show (just before the encore, I think) he mischieviously slung the microphone up over one of the beams in the stage! A stagehand managed to recover it during the "break" before the encore, so it was back in action in time for the "Rhinestone Cowboy" number at the end. I've been to a lot of concerts over the years. This one was unique in so many ways! Despite being literally "plagued" by wind, rain, and equipment problems (Dave might add stagehand problems but I couldn't tell if the poor fellow was that incompetant or if Dave was just that frustrated), the band did a remarkable job of putting on a great show. Dave apologized to the audience at one point, which was nice to hear from a professional musicial from a top-notch band. EFISH can also testify to my daughter's reluctance to go onstage. Dave's expression in the picture she took is PRICELESS! It was a nice touch to have the kids onstage during "Stand UP and Be Strong", but I have to tell you, my daughter has been singing snatches of lyrics to "Misery" and "Gone Till November" since the show!

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