2009 April 18th - Louisiana Downs, Bossier City, LA

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set list for april18 concert at la downs


amazing free concert in front of casino heres best i can remember
somebody to shove
black gold
all is well
new world
easy street
runaway train
corndogs n valets (impromtu lyrics dave singing whatever he saw around)
string of pearls
summer of drugs
stand up
slowly rising

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Re: set list for april18 concert at la downs

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I love their impromptu songs ! !
Don't want to be bored no more..
I know theres so much more

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Re: april 18 show in louasiana anyone going

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I missed this show. And I was really bummed about it, too. Especially considering all of the things I tried, and all of the people I asked, to try to get there.

Bummed for true.

But then today I sat on the banks of the Mississippi and listened to John Boutte and Paul Sanchez. And then Susan Cowsill and my friend Janson. And then I was blessed enough to experience Dr John, (!!!!!!!), Trombone Shorty, Clint Maedgen, and Kermit Ruffins all on the same stage at the same time...

SO much amazing music, all in one city, all in one day. And all I had to do to get to it was jump onto the streetcar.

And y'know....if Soul Asylum doesn't play here in New Orleans, or anywhere near enough that I can get to it, that's fine. I'm not bummed anymore.

There's way too much amazing music here to ever be rationally bummed out because ONE band doesn't play here.

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Re: set list for april18 concert at la downs

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I bet slowly rising fukin rocked !! ?? what was the crowd ??? 30?? 600??

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