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Joined: Thu Feb 07, 2008 12:36 am
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So after more then 20 years of trading shows in the mail and writing to each other, today we met with the one and only Raquel Fiallo.
We talked about music, baseball and a fun story about Karl.
And she left me with these which I will share soon!!!

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Fri Jul 22, 2016 10:57 am
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Joined: Thu Feb 07, 2008 12:36 am
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Soul Asylum - August 12 1986 Toronto, ON

Don't It (make your troubles seem small)
Never Really Been
Never Too Soon
Crashing Down
No Mans Land
Lookin For a Love
Carry On
Another World, Another Day

Sun Jul 24, 2016 1:12 pm
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That's awesome. I still have all my tapes too, they're artifacts, I can't toss 'em. I remember when we all had rules about j-cards (typed only) and tapes (xlII, no RT, no NR) , or some folks didn't send the j-cards and just mailed the tapes only.

Sun Jul 24, 2016 1:38 pm
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On this day in 1963 the one and only Karl Mueller was born.
For decades Karl rocked his way around the world and into the hearts of many.
You see, Karl was a bass player in a band but he was not just ANY bass player.
Karl was a very kind and friendly person and musician, in a world that he could have pulled all the classic ”I’m A Rock Star” moves off stage but he NEVER did.

Anytime I hear the song “ Made To Be Broken” and hear the “friends until the end” portion of the song, older fans will remember the moves going on onstage which always makes me smile. Same goes with the song “Freaks” with a simple “Yeah” on vocals.

Sadly we lost Karl in 2005 but his memories and stories from fans and friends from around the world still continue.

Thanks Karl!!!

Hot Pants - featuring Karl on Vocals

Kill Kancer Benefit
Dave Pirner, Justin Sharbono, Eric Odagard
Cedar Cultural Center
Minneapolis, MN, USA
April 18 2014

Get On Out
Que Ser Sera
Never Really Been
Artificial Heart
Runaway Train
Oh Karl
Stand Up and Be Strong
Surfer Joe
My Way
Flash Light (w/Kraig Johnson on bass) Karl's Bass!!

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3.jpg [ 288.74 KiB | Viewed 3404 times ]

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Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:14 pm
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Karl Mueller

4.jpg [ 81.44 KiB | Viewed 3404 times ]
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Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:18 pm
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Soul Asylum - December 31 1998 Minneapolis, MN
State Theater

Just Like Anyone
I Will Still be Laughing
No Time For Waiting
See You Later
Black Gold
Endless Farewell
Cradle Chain
Somebody To Shove
New York Blackout
Blood Into Wine
Never Really Been
School's Out
Candy From A Stranger
We 3
Keep It Up
Runaway Train
Tell Me Something Good

Reviews of the show :

From Chris H.

The band hasn't looked this good since 1993. They were tight, and Pirner was excellent.
The older songs were tremendous. Endless Farewell was not only a terrific surprise, but Pirner played at least two trumpet solos as well. The best thing about it was a very soulful and apologetic Pirner. The song comes off rather flat on record, but this performance was outstanding.
Cartoon was great as always.
Never Really Been was also a great surprise. Incredibly slowed down, probably two to three times as slow as the original on MTBB. And naturally, the 1993
lyric was changed to 2003.
Plus, SA was very energetic in playing all your favs from the latest two records. We 3, similar to Endless Farewell, was very heartfelt and emotional.
Keep It Up (forgive me) Rocked!
And Runaway Train was hilarious. It was done in a lounge/barroom bluesy/rockabilly sort of style. Very Funny.
The Chaka Khan song was nice too.

Pirner apologized twice for the price of the tickets (around $100 for a pair after Ticketbastard got through with you). The second time he did so, he was standing atop his monitor and almost fell into the stage. It became apparent at this point Dave was very drunk. (probably around the end of the set - maybe after Never Really Been?) Anyway, I don't think Pirner picked up his guitar after that - maybe for Bittersweatheart, but I think it was likely he couldn't play a chord if he wanted to.
Anyway, a very good show all in all. Also, Pirner's parents and his brother and sister were about three rows in front of me - His dad did not look all that
amused or interested in the performance. Oh Well.


p.s. Karl was in a State Trooper/security guard uniform with a patch of the
state of Texas on the shoulder. Very cool.

Brian from the AOL posting board.

Hi everyone,
I just returned from the Soul Asylum show on NYE at the Historic State Theatre in Minneapolis, and I must say that the boys have never looked better.
I personally have never seen a band with more energy right from the start of the show, and that includes the other seven times I've seen Soul Asylum in the past.
The Jayhawks took the stage around 8:00, and they were all decked out in fancy clothes, including Kraig Johnson, whom I wasn't sure was going to be there with them. Jessy Greene was also there, lending her amazing skill on
the violin to the Jayhawks. The band was so well dressed that Gary even said at one point what a great suit Kraig had on, and commented that he himself
looked like Greg Brady, a valid comment, actually.
As for them musically, I like the way Gary writes songs, and he is a
great guitar player. But they just don't move around on stage ... I don't
feel any particular attachment to them. Kraig shook his hips a bit, but even he
was more subdued here than at the Golden Smog show. They played a pretty
tight set, though, and were greeted warmly, if not over-enthusiastically by the
Before the boys came on, a few strings of Christmas lights were hung up
around the stage, and some glittery paper was put up. They even had a white
screen in the background, where some lights were flashed during the show; for
Soul Asylum, it was truly a visual spectacle.

Soul Asylum hit the stage around 9:30. They weren't dressed up like the
Jayhawks, but Dave had cut his hair from the last time I saw him. Jessy
introduced the band, and they were off. The set list was as follows:
"Just Like Anyone" - traditionally a closing song, so I didn't expect
it, but it made a great opener. Dave was so full of energy you could see it.
He spun around the stage like a madman; I've seen him fall over before, and I
honestly thought it would happen again, but fortunately he kept his footing.

"I Will Still Be Laughing" - sounded as good as it always does, and Dan
has that bitchin guitar solo at the end.

"No Time For Waiting" - this song never really appeals to me live; not
to say that I don't like it, but there are other things I'd rather hear
(ie -"Creatures of Habit").

"See You Later" - Dave's kazoo was noticeably absent here, but I still love hearing this one live.

"Black Gold" - until this point, the crowd was very sedate. We all wanted to stand up, but since no one else did, we didn't really want to start a trend.
But here everyone got up, and most didn't sit again until the show was over. I have more versions of this song than any other, but I always enjoy
seeing them do it live.

"Endless Farewell" - yes, you read that correctly. I can't personally
think of any show in which the boys did this song ever, even when "Hang Time"
was out. Jessy came on stage with her violin, and Dave played the trumpet
at the beginning. When the lyrics started, I couldn't believe it. Dave looked
so torn walking around the stage singing this one, it almost made me cry.

"Cartoon" - seeing as I wasn't a) a fan when "Hang Time" was released b)
at the First Avenue shows in July or c) at any of the post-MB20 shows, I
had never seen "Cartoon" done live. Sure, I've heard live versions on tape,
but I'm sure you all know it's just not the same. All I said before the
show (and I'm sure the people I was with can back me up here) was that I wanted to see them do "Cartoon." And it was probably the single best concert moment
of my life. Dave just picked up his guitar, and they broke into that
oh-so-familiar opening chord. I thought the concert couldn't get any better
at this point ...

"Cradle Chain" - my fave song from "Candy", I hadn't heard them do it in
a long time. It's always amazing live, and this was no exception. Dave
even got the lyrics right this time.

"Somebody to Shove" - but in a different way. Jessy came out again, and
played the intro on her violin, while Dave had his acoustic guitar.
They played it like the Unplugged version ... until about half way through
the song, Dave switched to the electric, and they pumped it up like the
regular version. Couldn't get any better than that ...

"New York Blackout" - being from NY myself, I feel a small connection to
this song. I think I've only heard them play it in NY, so it was good to see
it somewhere else.

"Blood Into Wine" - again, a song I don't particularly feel strongly
about, but it always sounds nice.

"Misery" - like "Black Gold", this is a song I can hear over and over
again, and not get tired of it. Sounded especially good at this show.

"Never Really Been" - a double treat for me. Another song I had never
heard live until now, it was arranged completely differently. Dave didn't
have his guitar at all, and I didn't even recognize it until he started singing.
A great twist, but it's tough to describe unless you had been there (maybe
one of the people I was with could help me out here).

"Close" - always a live favorite, I've seen it done better than this.
But "Close" on an off-day is still unreal.

"Bittersweetheart" - completely out of the blue, this is my favorite
song from "LYDLS" and it sounded great. It always makes me wanna dance. I guess
I was dancing. Anyway, it couldn't get any better than that ...

"School's Out" - this song just plain rocks. And it was loud in there.
Enough said.

"Candy From a Stranger" - watching Dave do his dance here is always
fun. A solid closer, like usual.
"We 3" - yet another of the never-seen-before songs, needless to say I was impressed. I did notice people kinda hugging and swaying during this
one.Did I miss the part where this was a happy love song?

"Keep it Up" - chaos reigned here. Dave gave Jessy his electric guitar, and Kraig came back on stage. While Dave was still setting Jessy up, Dan
said, "Chop, chop over there. We have to get moving" (or something like
that). Anyway, the song sounded great, Dan and Kraig were having fun, with
Kraig showing me once again why he is the funniest person I've ever seen on
stage. Dave tried to fix Jessy's guitar work, but I think he just succeeded in
screwing her up. In any case, it was a lot of fun. At the end, Dave
gave Jessy a hug and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the O'Jeez!"

"Runaway Train" - but again, like you've never seen it before. Dan
asked for people who could sing, which included himself, Jessy, Kraig and Woody.
They all gathered around one microphone stand, holding what looked like a
lyric sheet. Dave, still sans guitar, started singing, and I eventually
caught on that it was "Runaway Train." It had a bouncy feel to it; the lyric
sheet had the first couple of words to every line. For example, everyone would
sing, "Call you up", and Dave would finish the line himself. "Like a",
Dave finishes again, etc. It all added up to a humorous effect, and again
one that I'm having a hard time describing. At one point Dave and Kraig were
dancing together, grabbing each other's asses and stuff like that. Those two
make a great pair.

"Tell Me Something Good" - remember Chaka Khan? Dave obviously did.
Another real dance number, this time with Kraig and his brother dancing
together, and Dave kinda by himself. It was a real feelgood song, and a great way to end a great show.
Dave apologized a couple of times for the high ticket prices, which I
thought was nice, because it meant the band knew and cared what the fans did to
be there. At the end, Dave wished everyone a happy new year, hoping that
they would have a better one than 1998.

As for those people I keep mentioning I was with, I'd like to
personalize this a bit. Tammy and Katie - I hardly saw you guys, but I'm glad you were there. Courtney - great to see you again; it was as much fun as I've ever had
at a show. Sarah - nice to finally meet you after all this time. And a
special thanks to Jennifer and Kevin, who really went out of their way for me,
and were incredibly hospitable during my short time in Minnesota.
Wow, this is long. Even so, I'm sure I've forgotten things, so feel
free anyone to jump right in and add your own thoughts. As for me, I've
said more
than enough.


Tue Aug 09, 2016 4:46 pm
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Painkiller - Alternate Version

Gone Forgotten - Alternate Version

December 31 1998 Minneapolis, MN

July 30 2016 Detroit, MI



Stand Up A Be Strong

Thu Aug 11, 2016 3:30 pm
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Soul Asylum - May 19 1998 Seabright, NJ (audio)

I Will Still Be Laughing
See You Later
Cradle Chain
Black Gold
Creatures Of Habit
Somebody To Shove
Dragging The Lake
Blood Into Wine
Runaway Train
New York Blackout
No Time Foe Waiting
Lies Of Hate
Just Like Anyone
Ramblin Rose
Gone Til November
Candy From A Stranger

Fri Aug 12, 2016 2:52 pm
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Thanks for posting the fan's reviews of the NYE 1998 show as well as the actual music. It was fun to read Brian's review again after all this time.

Mon Aug 15, 2016 7:10 pm
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October 22 1988 Los Angeles, CA
The Scream

Sometime To Return
Closer To The Stars
Little Too Clean
Made To Be Broken
Beggars And Choosers
I Put A Spell On You
Never Really Been
Heavy Rotation
Growing Pain
Sexual Healing
Standing In The Doorway
One Tin Soldier
Sonic Reducer
Sammy Hagar Weekend
There It Goes
Amazing Grace/Delta Dawn

Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:49 pm
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