Michael Bland in new Nick Jonas video

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Re: Michael Bland in new Nick Jonas video

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I thought most of the signs were descriptors, not flaws. Nick's first sign was just Brother, second was Diabetic, I forget the last one. The family's sign was blessed.

On another note, just last week I could have sworn I saw Nick on the cover of some magazine at the grocery store showing he just got married. Maybe that's why he's done a solo song now?

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Re: Michael Bland in new Nick Jonas video

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Star Tribune article from a few days ago...

http://www.startribune.com/entertainmen ... page=1&c=y

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Re: Michael Bland in new Nick Jonas video

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Ha, I haven't watched tv or stayed in touch with much of anything the past few months since I moved and took a new position, but I was just watching a little late night tv and caught a glimpse of a Nick Jonas commercial and was like whoa!, that's Micheal Bland. I literally googled "nick jonas michael bland" and this was the first thing that popped up and I was at long last back here again.

Funny stuff, and I guess I did hear the Current say something about a new SA album the other day, so it's probably time for me to lurk and sporadically post here again.

My 8 yr. old niece loves these Jonas Bros. maybe I'll stop blowing them off as nobodies and give an honest listen, heh, never thought I'd say that.
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