A Holiday Rhyme

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A Holiday Rhyme

Post by Miss Fitt 2 »

(Because Soul Asylum and Christmas both make me a little goofy)

‘Twas the week before Christmas on First Avenue
Soul Asylum’s fans were all stirring, with toes turning blue.
We gladly braved weather six degrees and below
To get to our Mecca – the holiday show.

We drove from Chicago, New York, and Green Bay.
We flew in from Boston, and from the U.K.!
And when the doors opened, such treasures in store,
The most demanding among us could not ask for more.

They warmed us with Minks. They served tasty Figgs.
They sold t-shirts not offered at regular gigs!
Pretty lights on the stage, and a tree full and tall,
But the face on the drum was the best trim of all.

When they started to play, such a wonderful sound
The cheers from the crowd could be heard the world round.
They played songs that were old! They played songs that were new!
They played songs that were borrowed! They played songs with a view!

They gave us their best, no singing the blues.
With the force of their playing, we came out of our shoes.
They cut off our strings, helped us all find our way,
Even artificial hearts grew three sizes that day.

When it all had to end, we stood up and were strong,
Hoping for the next show we would not wait for long.
And we remembered our friends who could not be there,
And we all made a wish they could join us next year.

Then we went on our way, in our planes and our cars,
Feeling closer than ever before to the stars.
And priceless is what we know it is worth
To be able to see the best band on earth.

A huge thanks to Dave, Dan, Michael, and Pete
For such an astounding holiday treat.
And in this season of joy and good cheer,
I wish a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good year!
All that we are not stares back at what we are. - W. H. Auden

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Re: A Holiday Rhyme

Post by philipgar »

That is an awesome poem judith, great job!!! Someone needs to get the band to post this (and credit judith) on their facebook page or something. It really speaks volumes about the band and its fans!!!


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Re: A Holiday Rhyme

Post by tditz_gb »

Best SA show review EVER. ;)
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Re: A Holiday Rhyme

Post by pathorses »

That is beyond great!! I hope to be there next year.

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Re: A Holiday Rhyme

Post by Monolith Maniac »

That's awesome Judith! :)

I think everyone, especially those who were at the show can totally relate to that. Great job!
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Re: A Holiday Rhyme


Judith - I love it! Very creative! You seem to be at every show I go to, yet I still haven't met you. Hopefully we can meet at the next one!

It's such a fine line between stupid and clever.

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Re: A Holiday Rhyme

Post by dells »

Wow! That's an incredibly creative, well written work of art.

Thank you for sharing it, Judith!!


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Re: A Holiday Rhyme

Post by mystic_spiral_3 »

Great poem. :)

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Re: A Holiday Rhyme

Post by desirae »

Thats Awesome, I love it!!!

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Re: A Holiday Rhyme

Post by lucy »

Gosh, I've not been logged in on here forever and I managed to get my password right. Yay me! I absolutely love this Judith and I only wish I could have been there with you all for what sounds like such an awesome show!! Here's to holding out hope for a little Marionette on NYE!!!

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