2008 July 18th - Waukesha County Fair, Waukesha, WI

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Re: Waukesha Pics and Videos up now!

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Oh, I also have some pictures to post: http://www.ece.wisc.edu/~pcgarcia/fair/ ... _fair.html . Sorry about the delay, I needed to get around to looking through them and coming up with captions.


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Re: July 18th

Post by lucy »

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Re: Waukesha Pics and Videos up now!

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awesome photo's and vids you guys!! With stuff like this, almost don't even need to leave the house to see these guys!

just kidding
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Re: Waukesha Pics and Videos up now!

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Anyone ever heard Dave tell the Map Joke before that Phil filmed at Waukesha


thats a new one to me, I can't beleave what a coincidence it is, as for several years I’ve had a world map on my wall and put pins on everywhere I’ve been on my travels.

Having recently returned from the States to see Soul Asylum in Pittsburgh and Atlanta was earlier today putting new pins in the map, only to later find the map had fallen off the wall.

I guess I must travel to Alaska and Eastern Russia then to "keep it up"!! Thanks for the Advice Dave!

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