Hurry Up and Wait

Release Date April 17th, 2020
Producer John Fields and Soul Asylum
Label Blue Élan Records
Formats CD, 2xLP vinyl, digital download
Length 45:56


  • The album title, second single (If I Told You), and release date were announced on January 17th, 2020.
  • The album cover is a collage made by Dave and the band's tour manager, Jeneen Anderson (who also took the back cover photo). Dave painted the background, Jeneen took a picture of a robin's nest, and Dave took an organic chicken egg from his refrigerator and put it in the nest.
  • Despite consisting of 13 songs, on the CD version Silly Things is listed and played as track 14. Track 13 exists as 4 seconds of dead silence and is titled "Negative Ion". (Possibly due to ending an album on an unlucky number?)
  • Carries an "explicit" warning label due to the tracks Make Her Laugh and Silly Things.
  • Was recorded at Minneapolis’ Nicollet Studios, the same place where their 1986 albums, Made To Be Broken and While You Were Out were recorded.
  • A limited edition vinyl pressing consisted of 2 transparent colored LP's; cloudy white and light green.
  • Record Store Day 2020+ released a limited edition copy (of 1,500 units) which came with a 7 inch 45 containing unreleased versions of We 3 and Rhinestone Cowboy.


  • Peaked at 68 on the Billboard (their highest since Let Your Dim Light Shine).
  • Reached number 106 in "CD and vinyl" on Amazon.
  • Reached number 51 in "Rock" on Amazon.


LP Back Cover

CD Back Cover (note the omission of track 13)

CD Label