Broken Glass

Composer Dan Murphy
Length 2:24


Long-distance information, ring me 608
Laughing at the other end
Get me my prescription, come and walk my dog
Please get me anything

You can't seal fate with a kick
You should know it doesn't work that way
As for all your lofty aspirations
You couldn't give 'em all away

(Throw away) Those precious things that just don't last
(Throw away) Memories that cut like broken glass

Long-distance information sounds like broken glass
Just how long is all of this really gonna last?
Get someone I used to know in another place or time
Please, please me

You've been places I'll never go
Raised the questions I'll never know
You've had so many arms around you
This time you've hit an all-time low

(I've been told) So many things that just don't last
(I've been told) So many things are broken glass