Composer Dave Pirner
Length 3:27


Make your killing
Guts start spilling
Here's a piece of a puzzle (piece of your trouble)
Piece of somethin else (yourself, myself)

But I'm so untamed, without a clue
Think I can find something better
Something better to do

I should be so excited
I'm into something new
Could be some new kind of old thing
Could be just something to use

Maybe I should practice it one more time
Maybe I'm afraid what it might do
Maybe it might upset someone
And maybe that's what it's supposed to do

You've put up quite a violent resistance to change
And you put another existance, that's what you're trying to say

I'm not pushing you out
I'm not pushing you off
I'm not pushing you out

I'm pushing you under the next
With panel of experts to tell you what to do
And you come back to the next panel of experts
Experts like me and you

And look what you've done to me
Look what I've done to you
Look what they've done to us
Now we're like no one else

They're laughing at you
Talking about you
All these new things
All these new things

I bought them used

And I'm working so hard what I'm thinking is real
Everybody does once just to see how it feels
It's not a sensation and it's not for sale
And what can you call it now?

Have you forgotten?
They'll spoil you rotten
Have you forgotten?
Have you forgotten?

You're just another freak
A beautiful freak
We are freaks (we are freaks)