Lone Rider

Composer Dave Pirner
Length 1:51


Peeping Tom creepin' through the mornin' moonlight (ohh, ohh, ohh)
Like a crazy coyote in the middle of the night (ohh, ohh, ohh)
You keep taggin' along 'til it does you wrong
Sometimes it takes so long for you to say so long

Not for the lone rider
Lone rider


Black cloud troll wherever he goes (ohh, ohh, ohh)
He breaks out in a cold sweat when you get too close
Your suitcase is home long may you roam lone rider
Ohh, baby's cryin' please come home lone rider

The reflections in the water but the water's a mirage
It's like a dream machine that never leaves the garage
Your boots start walkin', as the story goes
People start talkin' and he wrestlessness gows

They say he hates people, say he's a queer
Never listens but always hears
Off into the sunset he disappears
Surely the last time to come around here, oh no

Ride on (×3)