Lucky One

Composer Dave Pirner
Length 3:31


Hold me in my time
One day I'll be gone
And you'll see me as a thing that happened
Long and long ago
Think I thought too much
Reaching out of touch
But I'll know when I see you coming
Toss away my crutch
Take your reactions as coming attractions
From dust that you keep on wishing
Sometimes I feel like I lost my line, lost my line, lost my line

Running low on luck
Nowhere to go but up
But I'll know everything is all right when I see you again

You sprung on your cages, you crumble the pages
Of tales that no one can tell
Sometimes I feel like there's no one home, all alone, all alone.

Shelter me from hate
Don't make me a visitor
And you'll know me as the thing that happened each and every day
Good things are coming,
The problems that you running
Will catch up to you someday

Sometimes I feel like the lucky one, lucky one, lucky one