One Way Conversation

Composer Dave Pirner
Length 3:30


If I were you I'd get away
Nothing nice left to say
So tie your shoes
Pull up your pants
Pull yourself out of that trance

Cause I'm tired of fantasy
Something I can't touch
Something I can see
Are you there
Can you still feel
Is this a joke
Does this seem real
Or just a cheating dream
You're asleep

Chosen right, the desperate walk
Do us two, and you just talk
And when you speak to me
It's like a one way conversation, useless information, get me a translator

Take a look
A look and see
What your life has come to be
It wanders on
It is not lost
It's just a coin you've got to toss
Into your deep blue sea

Of all your one way conversation, lost communication, get an operator, get me anyone
Whole system of living, talking with out listening, taking without giving

It's cynical, it's not quite done
Now mamma's boy has got a son
A thespian
And spotted still
With father's guns
And mother's pills
It's just your cheating dream

One way conversation, not my imagination, know you're in here somewhere