Social Butterfly

Composer Dave Pirner
Length 3:52


When I was younger
I thought I would die
Now I'm a little bit older
I still go out at night

I need someone to talk to
Hope I say something right
I go home alone
A social butterfly

I'm gonna come out of my coma
Gonna try to make things right
Stay out all night, tryin' to get a bite
Like a social butterfly

Now I'm flying just like a moth
Flyin' into the fire
And I fly by night
Lookin' for the nearest light

I saw you at the party
And we got into a fight
And now I miss you like yellow to the color blind

And I'm coming out of my coma
I'm gonna come out tonight
Lookin' for a little reaction
I'm like a social butterfly

If I could do what I wanna do with you
I'd crawl right back into my cocoon

You know I'm gonna come outta my coma
I'm gonna set the night on fire
I'll see you there
Don't be square
You're a social butterfly
Like a social butterfly
A social butterfly


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