We 3

Composer Dave Pirner
Length 4:08


I was tapping my foot
On a Friday night
To my favorite band
I was pushed aside

I said, "Hey, don't push me
No one pushes me"
When I was face to face
With the woman I admired

And she gave me this look
I could not believe
And the cold stare remained
I wanted to leave

See, I do believe anger
Is offset by sorrow
What you destroy today
You might regret tomorrow

When you're young and defensive
It comes off offensive
And its hard to repay
The tolerance that you've borrowed

The lasting relationship
Sinks right off the pier
Who wears the pants
It's faded but clear

She's your girlfriend
Seems she ain't too fond of me
I guess that that's the way
It was meant to be

There we were just we 3
You, your girlfriend, and me

I've known you forever
You two just met
So easily amused
How fast we forget

And my jealousy
My self-righteous greed
She's a bit like a book
I'm too farsighted to read

And I wish you the best
I sometimes feel the need
To say "Remember me"

Yeah, she's your girlfriend
As far as we can see
Does she look at you
The way she looks at me

And here we are, just we 3
You, your girlfriend, and me

She's your girlfriend
It's getting harder to see
Better just take her home
Better just let it be

When she walks out that door
You'll come looking for me


  • Is played during the credits to the movie Chasing Amy which Dave did the score to.