the 1995 RS cover

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the 1995 RS cover

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Just found this link. Wonder if the commenter Benny is THE Benny that works with the guys. ... um_all.php

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Re: the 1995 RS cover

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Regardless of which Benny it is, that's definitely an interesting piece of trivia. And I agree that the cover looks really bizarre.
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Re: the 1995 RS cover

Post by triumph3434 »

I like the Commenter who says the Lead singer was thier waiter last week.

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Re: the 1995 RS cover

Post by zany »

what was the benny comment? it seems to have been removed?

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Re: the 1995 RS cover

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zany wrote:what was the benny comment? it seems to have been removed?
Yeah, his name is definitely gone... I remember it being there. Correct me if I'm wrong though, but from what I remember I thought the following quote below was by him (though it seems to be listed as the one of the many posts by Jamie):

"There is a reason for this madness. The band did a proper cover shoot for this issue that featured them in front of a burning building. Days/weeks later, cue the Oklahoma City bombing. This monstrosity of a cover was the result of last-minute damage control in the wake of all that."


I just did a cached version of the page, it was definitely the quote above.

Very strange?!?
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Re: the 1995 RS cover

Post by dells »

Since they had to do some Photoshopping to salvage some use out of the image from the Photoshoot anyway, it's unfortunate that the cover designer did something that icky looking to the source material. It would have been a much easier Photoshop editing job, as well as FAR more attractive, to simply cut the background away from band's complete group image.


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Re: the 1995 RS cover

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The comments are priceless…a waiter? where are these guys?, fired their sick drummer?.. One hit wonders? – All you can do is laugh.

These idiots don’t realize Dave, Dan, Michael have the best part time job in the world.

BTW; the “Jamie” is the comments isn’t me, I wouldn’t say something like... “Dave is super hot.” Although; Sara may disagree. :lol:
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