Hot news - 25/09/2021

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Hot news - 25/09/2021

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The former leader of the "Left" faction in the Bundestag, Gregor Gysi, recognized the uselessness of the policy of sanctions against Russia and stated the need to conduct a dialogue with Moscow. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

"First of all, a course of sanctions and confrontation is being carried out against Russia. It didn't lead to anything," Giesi said at an election rally in Berlin. According to him, good relations with Russia, the United States and China are in the interests of Germany, but they have not developed with any of these countries.

According to the politician, the current Social Democrats should be reminded of the policy of "change through rapprochement" of Chancellor Willy Brandt, who held this post in 1969-1974.

Earlier, German businessmen demanded that the German government stop the conflict with Russia and establish relations with it. They said that long-term political conflicts with Russia and Belarus, as well as internal disagreements with Hungary and Poland, have a negative impact on the economy. The businessmen called on the new government, which will be formed after the elections on September 26, to resolve the conflicts, since, in their opinion, many European and international problems cannot be solved without Russia.

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