2015 Sept 12th, Wayzata Beach Bash, Wayzata, MN

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Re: 2015 Sept 12th, Wayzata, MN

Post by Matthew »

Kristina, have a great time on your b-day as per email. 2 tickets. Thanks, I'm glad..

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Re: 2015 Sept 12th, Wayzata, MN

Post by irreverentsoul »

Set List:

Somebody To Shove
Just Like Anyone
Whatcha Need
Black Gold
Without A Trace
The Game
Can't Help It
No Time for Waiting
Eyes of a Child
Runaway Train

String of Pearls
Made To Be Broken
April Fool

The set list was similar to recent shows with a couple of additional tracks. It was a good show overall. Dave appeared a little less energetic than usual. I was pleasantly surprised to see Justin more active on stage, even going air-born a couple of times.
What can you say about Michael? He is the constant rockin' heartbeat to Soul Asylum. Winston was absent but had a very qualified fill-in. I think it was George Scot McKelvey. Does anyone know?

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Re: 2015 Sept 12th, Wayzata, MN

Post by EasyStreet »

I made the trek out to Wayzata for this one. That's a quaint little downtown area if I do say so myself I guess....

I thought it was almost a better show than the one from June with the MP quite honestly. No introductions at the start of the show this time (usually by Kim King, then Dave introduces her sometimes) but the band came out and ripped into Somebody To Shove, then followed up by Shut Down. Hard to go wrong with that!

No idea on who the bass player, possibly George SM, but I haven't seen him in a few years so not sure.

The thing I was a little irked about this show was the barrier set up to section off the VIP ticket holders. Which was across the ENTIRE front of stage (left to right) and went back to about 100 feet back. So meaning the normal ticket buyer (of a $30/40 value mind you) was not able to get any closer than about 100 feet to the stage. What, excuse me? Wow. Ok wasn't expecting that....

To me it seems like they could have shrunk the VIP area some and still accommodated those folks that were in there and made it so others could have been a little closer to actually see the band. If I had paid the extra $$ for the VIP ticket, I might have thought the show was even better only because then I possibly could have been in the front/second row etc !

/end rant about that obscenely over sized VIP area
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Re: 2015 Sept 12th, Wayzata, MN

Post by Matthew »

This is not a first I bought Soul Asylum tickets, and couldn't go. Its a first I gave them away & since I had them tangibly, and not on some computer- there must be a cult following or something cause I felt it was so easy..also thanks for the card with it, hope you liked yours

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