2017-12-29 at First Avenue

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Re: 2017-12-29 at First Avenue

Post by Monolith Maniac »

This was posted on the SA & DP Fans fb page. Seems that is the spot for info now.
Yeah, definitely does seem that way. Sure, people are tired of the spam here, plus Facebook is a hell of a lot more convenient than coming here and/or logging in all the time to post something. Granted, I haven't updated the shows page for a long time, but traffic did die down significantly when the Facebook group opened shortly before this "HTML-only" site BS came in effect.

Besides, with all the spam and the blocking programs I've put on this forum and it continuing, I've had some thoughts that I just might eventually close the forum for posting and just make it for archival purposes only... that is if there still is some people who are still interested and/or don't use Facebook (is there any?)

Regardless, it's hard to believe that the site has already been open for over 10 years! :o
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Re: 2017-12-29 at First Avenue

Post by disilluzion »

I personally hate Facebook, but it seems to be a necessary evil these days.

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Re: 2017-12-29 at First Avenue

Post by Closer »

I still check this forum, but there is not much activity going on... then again, the band isn't very active at the moment.

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Re: 2017-12-29 at First Avenue

Post by mystic_spiral_3 »

I belong to both locations and check both. However, I admit I don't check here as frequently, largely due to the spamming. Sad to say, but I think the timing of that combined with the Facebook group drove a large percentage of the people away from here. :(

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Re: 2017-12-29 at First Avenue

Post by OneLovedBand »

I'm not on Facebook and I check this site several times per week. I was on Facebook for a year & a half but I closed my account & I'm not sure if I can open a new one. (Not sure I want to either). Would miss this site if gone but do what you feel best.

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Re: 2017-12-29 at First Avenue

Post by EyeSeeYou »

I don't do Facebook either; I hate its simplistic, bland and monotonous layout. I check this forum every week. Hopefully this website will continue operating.

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Re: 2017-12-29 at First Avenue

Post by Yaz McBoo »

I joined that fb fans page for three days but got tired quickly of someone posting 20-year-old videos 8 times a day, really clogging up my feed. So I'm not "following" it at the moment. I like the forum for its emphasis on news/new items, and the subforums for collectibles/videos etc. Keeping it up for archival purposes would be great. I'm still happy to share here setlists & photos of any show I attend. The spamming hasn't bothered me, it's been pretty easy to skip over.

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