2007 Nov. 17th - Butterball Party, Minneapolis, MN

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looking at the pictures, why can I picture Dan & Dave telling George they were all dressing up and then showing up in their normal attire?
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It looks to me like George and Michael were going for the classic band look, and staying unified as the rhythm section. Dave's really the only rebel with his torn jeans and unbuttoned shirt/t-shirt combo.

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Looks like it was a really fun time. It would have been a blast to dress up and go to that, but alas, it was not meant to be. Nice to hear that the event raised so much money.

On a related note, Cheryl Tiegs still looks smashing at age 60.
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Re: 2007 Nov. 17th - Butterball Party, Minneapolis, MN

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Welcome! Always great to connect with other Soul Asylum fans.

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Re: 2007 Nov. 17th - Butterball Party, Minneapolis, MN

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Hi there! Welcome to the SA family!

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