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Post by Matthew »

is likable
loot and hard candies (pop rocks, joly rancher, lafy taffy..) etc.

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Re: Watch 'Gravity'?!

Post by swendo »

Nice. That's the real(er) Soul Asylum, too, with Danny. Trust me, I love Dave and his art, but calling whatever that is now "Soul Asylum" is just an April Fool (note Grant's killer Babes In Toyland t-shirt :)
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Re: Watch 'Gravity'?!

Post by nikkip »

Swendo, Have you seen many shows with the new line up?

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Re: Watch 'Gravity'?!

Post by Closer »

I agree that it's not Soul Asylum anymore without Dan Murphy's distinged guitar sound and background vocals, but I'm glad Dave kept going and I'm looking forward to any new material. And from I can tell without having seen them live, I like the new lineup, they really seem to enjoy themselves and they are good musicians. Who cares under what name they play.

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Re: Watch 'Gravity'?!

Post by reboog711 »

Back after the Grave Dancer's Union era; before I knew anything about the band; a co-worker of mine made the same comments about them replacing the Grant w/ Sterling.

I miss the Dan songs, though, and I'm bummed I'll never get to see a Dan and Dave acoustic show.

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Re: Watch 'Gravity'?!

Post by EasyStreet »

reboog711 wrote: and I'm bummed I'll never get to see a Dan and Dave acoustic show.
I was only able to see one of those myself, which I'm glad I was able to see, and document. But yes it stinks that those days are no longer. I've seen one Dave & Justin set so far, but it doesn't even compare.
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