Community Spotlight: Danny Alexander

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Community Spotlight: Danny Alexander

Post by Homesick »

Our most recent feature article, Community Spotlight: Danny Alexander, is now published. If you enjoyed it, be sure to also check out the bonus material: a collection of quotes that were cut from the finished article.

This thread is dedicated to discussion about the article, the book itself, and the opinions and insights that Danny share. If you have read Liner Notes, how did you like it? Were you surprised by anything mentioned in the article? Do you agree with Danny's views on the band's peak of fame, on The Silver Lining, and on the American underground music culture?
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Re: Community Spotlight: Danny Alexander

Post by mystic_spiral_3 »

I enjoyed the article. I always wondered what happened to that book series.

Seemed like a cool guy.

I don't recall being annoyed by the book, but then I would have fallen into the category of "new teen fan" upon its release.

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Re: Community Spotlight: Danny Alexander

Post by CrazyLittleWoman »

Enjoyable article. Well done, Homesick.

Danny Alexander made a good point about the band's response to their fame and their ability to avoid self-destructing. So many artists have been crushed by that kind of pressure. I admire Soul Asylum's ability to move on and just keep making the music they want to make.

(P.S. I like the party hat and the balloons you gave Dave in the photo. 8) )
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